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hi i am landing on a Hawaiian flight that lands at 945 pm, I will not be checking any bags. I have a flight on United that departs to Phoenix at 1030 pm, boards at 10 pm. Would this be enough time to make the connecting flight with United ?
Do you have checked bags? Is it two separate reservations?
there are no checked bags.

there are two separate reservations, but I have not reserved it yet
if you think it will not be enough time, i will change the ticket. thank you
It's probably not enough time.
If I am returning from Puerto Vallarta on Alaska, will I arrive at terminal 6 or the International terminal? How much time is needed to clear customs and get thru security to get to terminal 1 for a Southwest flight on a separate ticket?
You will arrive in Terminal 6. There is an Immigration facility there. I would want 3 hours between flights if you have checked baggage. Maybe you can get by with a bit less with only carry-ons.
Hi, I fly in from Nashivlle to LAX on Southwest at 8:55am and then have a separate flight to Tokyo with ANA at 12:05am. I will more likely to have one checked bag. Would 3 hours be enough for between T1 to the international terminal? It's on New Year's Day btw. Thanks!
I am flying from STL to LAX on Jan 18, 2016 and then catching Jal to go to Tokyo. I have about 1 hour and 30 minutes to catch Jal.
Is this enough time?
I remember that it was so crowded at a security when I did it 2 years ago. Please answer ASAP since I have to buy tickets
You no longer have to go through security to make this connection. There is a new connector building which connects the AA gates in T4 to the International Terminal inside security. So yes, this is enough time.
Thank you very much.
You are big help.
Hi, I looked all over and couldn't find a confirmation...I am flying from Vancouver to LAX, and then on to Cancun, all with Delta, with only 1h 5min layover - I had heard that Delta is only Terminal 5 and that I wouldn't have to go through security (and customs is in Vancouver). Is this true? Or are we going to get held up somewhere by TSA? (or anything else?) Thanks!
Yes, all you have to do in LAX is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You will show your passport when you board the flight to Cancun, that's it.
Scheduled Tod arrive Art LAX in Sun Art 12:45 pm. Got a connecting flight Form T5 Art 2:55 pm and two vor three checked bags. ANY Chance d catch this flight? I also heard there is a DL check-in Kiosk and maytbealso luggage drop-off Palace? Thx, Alex
We'll arrive Art TBIT Art 12:45 p.m. in Sun and habe a connection w/DL Form T5 Art 2:55pm. We'll need Tod pass immigration, geht the luggage and change terminals?. ANY change Tod catchrbthat flight? I heard hat there is a check-in Kiosk for DL in TBIT, can luggage also be dropped of there? Thx, Alex
I would take your bags with you to T5 if they aren't already tagged to Delta. That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi - I'm traveling from SYD to LAX on AA 72, arriving at 6:05am in terminal B. I fly from LAX to YYZ on AA 2654, leaving at 8:09am in terminal 6. This has been booked on the same ticket. I have two checked bags. Is this enough time?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am flying in to LAX from SFO on Southwest with estimated arrival time at 7:10 AM. I am then flying to Tokyo via Singapore Airlines that departs at 9:00 AM. I will have 2 checked bags. Do I have enough time to make the transfer and check in my bags again or should I try to fly in the night before. This is the earliest flight I can find in to LAX.
That will be very difficult. I would personally fly in the night before.
Hi...we are flying in from Costa Rica to LAX arriving at 2:15pm on Dec. 30. Will we have enough time to clear customs and make a 4pm flight to Seattle? Delta is our carrier on both flights and we will only have carry on luggage.
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I'm coming to LAX on SW Airlines and then flying to London via Virgin Atlantic. I will have checked bags. How much time do I need to allow myself to get bags, and change terminals?
I would want at lest 2.5 hours.