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Hi there in flying YVR to LAX (arriving at 9:42pm) and then LAX to AKL. same ticket american airlines and bag will be checked through. i will have gone through customs/ immigration in Toronto. I have 1.5 hours between my flight. What kind of security will i have to go though (if any) at LAX and do you think ill make my flight? im not sure of terminals yet. American airlines thinks ill be fine but i'm still a bit worried as don't know LAX well. Thanks
Also I mean YYZ (toronto) not Vancouver
All you have to do in LAX is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, no security. You have plenty of time if the first flight is on-time.
Awesome, thanks for your help!
Hi I am flying on separate tickets, with checked baggage:

Domestic SFO - LAX direct, arriving 2120hrs - Terminal unknown, Airline Virgin America
International LAX - BNE, departing 2305hrs - Terminal 3, Airline Virgin Australia

Am I going to make this connection?
Not that it matters much, but OP here and post heading should have read:
You will arrive in Terminal 3 and depart from the International Terminal. You will have to claim your bags in T3, take them to the Virgin australia check in counter (which is also in Terminal 3), then check your bags, then walk to the International Terminal and go through security. You should have just enough time if your flight from San Francisco is on-time.
Hi! I have two separate tickets for domestic and international flights which means I have to claim my luggage first. Arriving LAX at 7pm (with American Airline) and Korean Air departs at 11:30pm. Will I be fine? Thank you!

Yes, that should be plenty of time.
Arrival time from Havana to LAX is 20:45 and departure time from LAX for Qantas flight to Brisbane is 23:20. Would I have enough time for this connection? Kindly advise.
If both flights are on the same reservation this is just enough time.
Thanks. Unfortunately, our tickets are not on the same reservation. If we are running late, would the immigration and security section give special consideration for us to go through first? Thanks
No, they will not, you will have to hope everything goes smoothly.
I have a flight Air New Zealand flight arriving 10:30 am to Virgen America Flight leaving 1:25 pm. Separate tickets. Checked bags. Can I make it?
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I'm traveling from SMF to LAX and landing in terminal 8 and have to get to my connecting flight in terminal 2, which is an international flight. My checked bags should be fine since i purchased the tickets together, but I've never been to LAX before and am wondering what is the easiest to walk to terminal 2 or should I take the shuttle? I have about 2.5 hrs in between connecting flights.
What airlines are you flying? The easiest way from T8 to T2 is to walk straight across the parking garages. You should have enough time.
We're flying united from SMF so terminal 7/8 and Aer lingus to DUB from terminal 2
I am just booking a connecting flight, I am arriving into LAX with Norwegian air at 530pm, I will only have hand luggage.The flight I would like to get (budget / points etc) is at 640pm Delta air to San Diego terminal 5. If planes are on time would this be ok?
No, that would not be possible. You will still have to go through US Immigration, customs, and security, you can't do that in 70 minutes, especially considering that Norwegian flights are frequently late.
Hello I'm travelling from Phoenix to Los Angeles in SouthWest and then need to board Emirates flight at 21:30(local time) What should be the minimum layover time considering the fact that domestic and international tickets are different at Los Angeles for to(PHX-LAX-DXB) & fro(DXB-LAX-PHX) journey?
I would want at least 2.5 hours on the way to Dubai and 3 hours on the way back.
My father is disabled due to a stroke he had 8 years ago. He can walk 30 feet and then tires easily and needs to sit down before proceeding; he would need airport wheelchair access. Moreover, he has both a speech and comprehension impediment -- he has difficulty expressing what he wants to say and has trouble understanding (can usually understand after you repeat same sentence to him five times). He arrives TBIT at 6:40 PM on Dec 20 with one check-in luggage. Then needs to depart with United Express (Terminal 7 or 8) at 10:30 PM same evening. He is traveling alone. For a regular person not disabled, 3 hrs 45 min would be adequate. But for his disabled condition with both physical and mental difficulties, I am worried about his capability of being able to do this on his own. Could you give me some advice on his behalf.
My spirit flight lands at 8:29 my international flight departs at 11:25, I've never been to LAX. I'm traveling w a 7year old I have been cleared by TSA pre check. Will we have enough Time to re clear security and make the flight assuming all flights are on time? How is this process?
ANA is not a precheck participant so you won't be able to use pre-check at security in LAX. You have just enough time if your Spirit flight is on-time. Note that you will have to claim your bags and take them to ANA to re-check them in the International Terminal.