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My father is disabled due to a stroke he had 8 years ago. He can walk 30 feet and then tires easily and needs to sit down before proceeding; he would need airport wheelchair access. Moreover, he has both a speech and comprehension impediment -- he has difficulty expressing what he wants to say and has trouble understanding (can usually understand after you repeat same sentence to him five times). He arrives TBIT at 6:40 PM on Dec 20 with one check-in luggage. Then needs to depart with United Express (Terminal 7 or 8) at 10:30 PM same evening. He is traveling alone. For a regular person not disabled, 3 hrs 45 min would be adequate. But for his disabled condition with both physical and mental difficulties, I am worried about his capability of being able to do this on his own. Could you give me some advice on his behalf.
My spirit flight lands at 8:29 my international flight departs at 11:25, I've never been to LAX. I'm traveling w a 7year old I have been cleared by TSA pre check. Will we have enough Time to re clear security and make the flight assuming all flights are on time? How is this process?
ANA is not a precheck participant so you won't be able to use pre-check at security in LAX. You have just enough time if your Spirit flight is on-time. Note that you will have to claim your bags and take them to ANA to re-check them in the International Terminal.
I arrive wed 12/28 at Lax international from Singapore at 11:50AM I have to collect my bags go thru customs and make it to Terminal 1 southwest with my wife & 3 year old for a 2:35 flight. Is 2 hrs & 45 min enough time? keep in mind I have to recheck my luggage and print my boarding passes & get thru security. Thanks Gary
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
I have an international flight Moscow - Los Angeles (LAX) (Aeroflot Russian Airlines) that arrives at 13:15 in Tom Bradley Int'l Terminal and a domestic flight Los Angeles (LAX) - San Francisco (United Airlines) that leaves at 15:30 from Terminal 7. I travel with 4 year boy. So I have only 2 hours and 15 min to go through a passport control, to collect my baggage, to get Terminal 7 and to recheck my baggage.
Is it enough time if everything goes smoothly?
Could you please advise the shortest and the quickest way to get Terminal 7 from TBIT?
If I am late for the domestic flight, what should I attempt?
That will be very difficult. I would purchase a later flight to San Francisco. I would want at least 3 hours when flying on two separate reservations.
I have both tickets in the same reservation. May it help? For example, if we are late, can the united airlines provide us tickets for the next nearest flight for free?
If everything is on the same reservation that does help tremendously as it both makes it easier to re-check your bags and does provide you with access to rebooking on a later flight free of charge if you miss your connection. You should be OK.
I arrive on international flight at LAX airport on Dec at 2.10pm and have to take another domestic flight to San Franciso at 4.30pm on same day. Is two and half hours enough for me to clear immigration and board my domestic flight? Tks
What airlines are you flying? Are both tickets on the same reservation or two separate reservations?
I'm flying from NYC (either AA from JFK or United from EWR) to LAX and then onto Sydney. Both of these airlines only have a ~1 hr connection time in LAX. Is that enough in general? How about if I'm sitting in the middle/back of Economy? If I check a bag? If I have a carry-on only?

I flew this route using Qantas in April 2016 and had 1hr 35 mins which was plenty of time with no terminal change (and I was sitting all the way in the back). I had checked a bag and while walking through TBIT towards the connecting flight, before going up some ramp, we were separated into 2 lines and the Qantas (and not sure who else) folks went through a much shorter line on the right, after which there were airport staff with our checked luggage out and we had to "claim" it before it could be put onto the connecting flight. Was this a 1-off or is this a normal thing? Thanks!
Yes, if both tickets are on the same reservation that is enough time. Flying the Qantas JFK-LAX flight is always odd. If both flights are on American or both are on united, All you have to do in LAX is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thanks @ZAP!
I'm booking a flight for Australian visitors from Melbourne w/layover in LAX before connecting flight to Chicago. Is 4hr 20m enough for process, including transferring checked luggage?
What airlines are you looking at booking them on?
Yes, that should be plenty of time. They will be able to re-check their bags at the re-check desk right after clearing customs.
Thanks, much appreciated!
i am arriving from Phoenix at Terminal 8 and have 2 hours between an international at TBIT. by having carry on and using the tunnels can i make it in time to TBIT
What airlines are you flying? Where are you flying from LAX to?
I am flying united to LAX and Singspore airlines from LAX. Thanks
Then yes, you have enough time, you can use the walkways/tunnels/connector building to get to the TBIT inside security.
I'm arriving SFO to LAX with 53 minutes to connect to my flight LAX to FLL. Arrive and leave from Terminal 3 same aorline - Virgin America.
Recommendations? Couldnt find more affordable flights with more time in between flights ...
Yes, that is enough time.
Arriving from Melbourne Australia land at 6.35am will have to collect bags and check in for Air Canada flight at 9.40am will I have enough time?
That should be just about enough time if everything goes smoothly.
So should I schedule a later flight?
I don't think you have to, but if you want to feel super safe, sure.