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Hi, just about to purchase a Melbourne, Australia - Cancun, Mexico flight. LAX arrival is 06:35am with flight to Cancun leaving at 08:50AM - is this enough time to clear immigration, pick up luggage & get to whatever terminal I need to get to?
thanks :)
What airlines are you flying? If both tickets are on the same reservation it should be just enough time.
Delta booked with a connection time of 35 minutes from one Delta flight to another. Is this doable or should I request a schedule change?
Yes, that's possible but doesn't leave a lot of time to spare if the flight from Seattle is delayed at all.
Flying Phoenix to LAX on American and then China Airlines from the international terminal to Singapore.My question is can I use the tunnel from terminal 4 to the international terminal if I don't have my boarding pass from China Airlines. China Airlines requires picking up the boarding pass at their ticket counter.Although I realize I will need to go through security once again at the international terminal,it would still be quicker to go through the tunnel to get there rather than going outside and walking to the international terminal.
It wouldn't really be much quicker to go through the connector building, but you could do it.
HI, we have reservations books on 2 separated itineraries. The international flight on Cathay Pacific arrives in LAX at 1:05pm. We will need to pick up our luggage and clear custom to catch a Southwest flight at 5:40pm to SJC, CA. Will this be enough time to make our connection? Thanks in advance!
Yes, that should be enough time.
Landing 6am From Australia on a Monday ... Need to make an Alaskan airways flight 0815... Do able??
It's possible if both tickets are on the same reservation. If it's two separate reservations and you have checked bags that will be very difficult.
I have a 50 minute layover at LAX. I'm arriving and departing with Southwest. I don't have to worry about going through security again, do I? I've never been to LAX and I just found out about the multiple terminals and I'm panicking that 50 minutes won't be enough time.
No, you will not have to go through security again in LAX. You just walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate assuming the first flight is domestic.
Thank you! The first flight is domestic. I'm flying ABQ to LAX to ATL. It's my first time flying alone with my daughter, so worrying about making a flight on time is the last thing I want to do.
I flew into LAX from LA and have a flight on the same reservation from LAX to PVG(Shanghai). They couldn't give me tickets for my flight to Shanghai at the first airport, so do I have to leave the terminal at LAX to get tickets or is there somewhere I can get my ticket in the terminal?
Do you mean boarding passes? What airlines are you flying? If you don't have to leave security to get to your departure gate you should be able to get a boarding pass for your Shanghai flight at the departure gate.
Yes, I meant boarding passes. I am flying China eastern. The only problem is there is no gate assigned because the flight is still 5 hours away, and I didn't want it to be too late to go out and get a boarding pass if I waited too long
Then leave security and go get your boarding pass at the China Eastern counter if you're worried.
Hi all. Changing from Terminal 2 to 7 with only a 1hr 40min layover.
No luggage, but I understand that Terminal 7 is under construction
Are security lines slower because of this?
Also, what is the best way by foot to get from 2 to 7 please. I'm thinking if shuttle is not there when I get outside Terminal 2 I will walk. Thanks in advance for your help
Yes, it's usually fastest to walk. The construction doesn't affect the security checkpoint.
Can you give me the best route to walk please
Walk straight across the parking garages.
Hi I am flying into LAX terminal two with Qatar airways at 2:05 pm. I have a dog with me that needs to be cleared. My connection is with delta airline to Seattle at 3:50 will I make it? Will the sog be transferred at the transfer desk or do I have to bring the kennel to delta myself. And do you know how long it takes to clear a dog with all his papers
I really don't think that is enough time, especially considering the Delta and Qatar do not have an interline agreement, meaning you'll have to bring all your bags including the dog to Delta in Terminal 5 to re-check.
Are 3 hours enough for the connecting flights?
I will be flying from JFK (12/24/16 9:59a EST) via JetBlue & arriving LAX (12/24/16 1:22p PST), then connecting Air Tahiti Nui taking off on (12/24/16 4:25p PST) from LAX to PPT.
On 12/30/16 at 10:10a PST, landing at LAX from Tahiti via Air Tahiti Nui, then connecting JetBlue heading to JFK departing at 1:15p PST.
Yes, that is enough time for both connections.
just want to be on the safe side to inquire a follow up question, if 3 hours will be enough for connecting flights with luggages checked in with 2 different airlines
Yes, that should be enough time.