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I'm arriving at Lax next Tuesday at 16:15 from Madrid at Terminal B. I have a 2h5 min for a connection to San Francisco with AA from terminal 6. No checked luggage. Both tickets under same reservation. Is enough time? Thanks
Sorry, my mistake, the time for the connection is 2h05min
Yes, that should be enough time.
Is it possible to walk from T-6 to T-1 in less than 40 minutes? and what is the route
Yes, definitely. Though the timing depends a bit on exactly what you are asking. If you have a 40-minute connection from when your arriving flight gets to the gate at T6 until your departing flight leaves T1, then no. But once you clear baggage claim in T6, you can walk to T1 in about 10 minutes, or catch a shuttle. There are multiple ways to walk this, but the fastest is to walk directly across the airport (rather than around the terminal loop). You'll go toward the theme building (space age structure) and just follow sidewalks across to the terminals on the other side. You'll come out by T2, and T1 is just to your right.
Just to clarify, the reason I said you can't make a 40-minute connection is the security time. But your question appeared to be just about the walk itself. That is only 10 minutes, max.
I arrive from a Portland flight at T1 and must reach a flight at T6 in 40 minutes -- will have to go through TSA inspections again?
forgot to mention I have only carry on baggage (no checked baggage)
Yes, you will have to go through security again. That is not enough time.
Canadians Arriving from Papeete into Lax at 10:55 am. Hoping to make a West Jet flight at 12:40 pm. Basically 1 hr 40 min if everything on time. Is this sufficient connecting time. Thinking we have to change
terminals as well
With checked bags, no I wouldn't recommend trying that. I would recommend at least 2.5 hours.
Sorry, my mistake. Arrive at 10:15 am from PPT for west jet flight to YYZ departing at 12:40. So 2 hrs 25 min if everything on time.
We both have Global Entry as well if that helps.
Arriving Terminal 6 on Alaska and flying to Hong Kong Cathay, single ticket. Will I need to go through security at Tom Bradley terminal or is there a way to walk directly to my departing cathay gate?
You can now take a pedestrian tunnel from T6 through T5 to T4 and then take the new pedestrian walkway to the International Terminal inside security.
I have about an 1hr 50min Layover in LAX. I have to go from terminal 4 - 6 do I take a shuttle bus or walk and go through security again?
Neither. You can walk through tunnels inside security. You have plenty of time.
Hello. Arriving from HKG to LAX TBIT at 20:50. No checked bags, US citizen. The next flight is on the same ticket from T4 at 22:35. Can I make it? Thank you for answer
Yes, that should be just enough time if your flight from Hong Kong arrives on-time.
I am arriving in LAX on Alaska airline. I need to pick up baggage first and then head out to Tom Bradley terminal. Do I need to go through security checkpoint again in Tom Bradley? Do I have enough time for connection if I have 2.5 hour connection time?
Yes, you will have to go through security again in the TBIT since the baggage claim and baggage check-in desks are outside security. You should have enough time.
Cool, thank you!
US Citizens Coming In international from Papeete First class. So first ones off the plane. Then LAX to Dallas. I heard there is a new tunnel connecting to terminal 4. We have 90 minutes on the layover. Possible to make it?
No checked bags. Carryon Only.
Heard there was a new tunnel also from TBIT to Terminal 4
The new connector is inside security. When you clear US Immigration and Customs you will be outside security. With carry-ons only you have enough time if you check in online for your AA flight before you leave Papeete and your flight from Papeete is on-time. I suggest going through security in T4 rather than the Interntational Terminal.
We're flying YVR to LAX with Delta, arriving at 2215 and then on to BNE with Virgin departing at 2350, so only 1 hour 35 min transfer time, with different airlines/tickets. What are your thoughts on making this connection at LAX?
With checked baggage I don't think it is possible. Without checked baggage it is barely possible if everything goes perfectly.
Ok thanks, will look into changing our schedule then
We are arriving at LAX from Hilo/Hawaii with United Airlines at 4:45 am (terminal 7) and continue with Air Canada to Montreal at 7:00 am (terminal 2). We have checked in luggage and fly on one ticket. What is the fastest way to go from T7 to T2 and do we need to re-check our luggage and clear customs control? Thank you for the help.
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. You don't have to do anything with your bags. You just need to go to Terminal 2 and through security. The fastest way from T7 to T2 is to walk straight across the parking garages. You have enough time.