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Hi.Is two hours enough time to change flights at LAX international arriving from Sydney and leaving to London?
What airlines are you flying? Are the tickets on two separate reservations or one reservation?
We are arriving on a domestic flight operated by QANTAS and need to transfer to a United flight. Tickets are not linked and we have checked luggage. What is the process of picking up bags and then checking in on United and have I allowed enough time.
So you have a stopover and are going to Vegas on your stopover? Because you aren't allowed to fly just JFK-LAX on QF12 unless you're connecting to another Qantas flight to Australia.
We had a stopover yes. We were 2.5 hours late and missed United flight and hired a car to drive to Vegas. Not the late night we wanted in Vegas. United were ok and allowed us to forgo outward flight but maintain return flight to LAX. No flights available for 24 hours. Thanks for assistance. FYI we collected bags domestically and then walked to term 7. Qantas rep walked us to special area.
Thanks for the info, virtually nobody does a stopover after arriving from JFK on QF12 so I didn't know where you would get your bags as there is no regular Domestic baggage claim in the TBIT. I searched rather thoroughly and nobody had ever asked about collecting bags after arriving from JFK on QF12 anywhere on the internet that I could find.
I am arriving in Avianca from south america Monday 8:30pm. I believe that is terminal 2.
I am connecting with Westjet to canada Tuesday 8:45am. Also terminal 2.

I know i have to clear immigrations on my arrival and claim my bags, but can i stay in the terminal/go back in through security right away? Or do i have to book a hotel overnight?
You won't be able to go through security with a boarding pass departing LAX the next day, nor will Westjet take your bags until the next morning.
I am travelling from Sydney to LAX a week before Xmas. We arrive into LAX with Qantas at 9am and depart again with WestJet from Terminal 2 at 1:50pm. We cannot check our luggage all the way through as they are separate tickets. Is this timeframe feesible and are there any tips for ensuring we meet this timeframe (assuming we need to retrieve luggage, exit customs then recheck in again)?
Yes, that is enough time. Yes, you will have to bring your bags with you to T2 to re-check with Westjet then go through security. It's fastest to just walk from the TBIT to T2.
Arriving from Albuquerque @ 7.07 Alaska Airlines and wondering would we catch the 9.45 flight to HNL with American Airlines without many/any hassles
Yes, that should be enough time, especially without checked bags or if both tickets are on the same reservation.
I'm arriving to LAX on delta with only carry on bags and leaving 1 hour later on American. Can I check in at the gate? Or will I have to try exit and go to the main counter to check in?
You can check in online or on your mobile device before you leave on your first flight.
flying from San Diego to LAX on Delta then from LAX to Loreto Mexico on Alaska Air. Will they check the bags through or do I have to claim them and recheck at LAX?
are your tickets purchased on one reservation or two separate reservations?
2 separate reservations
Then you will have to claim them from Delta, and take them to Terminal 6 to re-check with Alaska.
I arrive from singapore at LAX at 345pm. My connecting flight at virgin America at terminal 3 to Dulles is at 1145pm on the same day. Can I check in early at 430pm? I.e. Check my luggage as well? Or do I need to wait? Thanks
You can check in online 24 hours before your flight. You should be able to check your bags after you arrive and clear customs without having to wait.
Will 40 minutes be enough time to connect from a United Flight from Las Vegas to a United Flight to Kona, HI?
Yes, that is enough time if the flight from Las Vegas is on-time. All you have to do in LAX is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I fly into LAX on Sunday the 9th October with Qantas and arrive at 0630. I am then considering flying with Air Alaska at 1025 in Terminal 6 to Cabo. Will the 4 hours be enough time to get through everything on a Sunday morning?
Qantas does not arrive in Terminal 1. It arrives in the International Terminal. That would be enough time to make that connection.
Thanks Zap. How long on average does it take to get through security and travel from the internatioanl terminal to Terminal 6? Thanks
You will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, and go through US Customs, then if your bags are tagged to Cabo already you can re-check your bags at the re-check desk in the International Terminal. Otherwise you will have to take them with you to T6 to re-check and then go through security. 3 hours is the minimum time I recommend for a connection like that though it's doable in 2ish.
Thanks so much ZAP. Really helpful advise. The flights will not be connected but it sounds like aslong as the Qantas flight arrives on time at 0630 I'm all good. Thanks again.