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If my United flight from Phoenix is arriving into LAX at 7:50pm on a Monday and I have an international flight to Australia departing at 10:30pm, will that be enough time to transfer terminals and get through customs please?
If not, how much time would you recommend please?
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. What airline are you flying to Australia? If both flights are on United all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Arriving on Delta from SLC at 1820 hours departing Air Tahiti Nui at 2345 hours. I know it's enough time, but assume we need to claim bags and recheck in TB terminal? Does the new connector connect baggage in T5 to TB ticketing area?
You will have to take the bags with you outside to get from T5 to the TBIT lobby. The connector runs only inside security.
Thanks for the quick response! What a great service you have here!
Delta says our bags are checked through to bora bora from Detroit. I'm arriving and have to take the same air Tahiti nun flight as posted. Do i have to get my bags and recheck them? Is there a way to get to international terminal without going through security again?
Wish I knew dude. We were told Delta would only check to LAX because ATN isn't a partner? Did ur luggage tags say LAX or BOB when they put them on? We're currently sitting in TBIT waiting for ticket desk to open....which is athe 2015 btw....
Your bags definitely won't be checked through to BOB - Air Tahiti (domestic) doesn't interline with anyone. At best your bags will be tagged to PPT.
I am travelling on July 30 from Mnl to Nrt vial Jal and nrt to lax arriving 12pm with check in baggage then connecting flight to Phx at 2:35pm via american airlines. Please guide me thru on my transfer, the traffic flow, how to go about this baggage claim when i disembark at LAX, Can i still make it to my next flight?
You will arrive in the International terminal, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk right after (follow signs for connecting passengers), then exit the building, walk to Terminal 6 (to your right), go through security and to your departure gate, which will actually be a shuttle to the American Eagle remote terminal. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi, I arrive in LAX on an international flight with 3 pieces of checked luggage, and 2 teen boys. I land at 2:30 at Terminal 5. Have to clear immigration and customs and recheck my baggage for a 6:30 Delta Flight. Can I walk from Terminal 2 to Terminal 5, if so how long will it
take with all our luggage? Or is it better to take a shuttle but I will still have to load and unload the luggage from the shuttle. Thank you
Yes, it is generally faster to walk. You should have enough time to make this connection.
Will I be able to make it if I arrive LAX via AA at 9:30PM then take the next connecting flight via PAL at 10:30PM? I have no baggages.
If you are able to check in for your PAL flight online, with the new connector building, it's theoretically possible. However, I have no clue if you can check in online for PAL flights leaving the US. When I saw them a few years ago at LAX it struck me as a fairly low-tech operation.
Hi there, i'm travelling from Sydney to LAX and I have a connecting flight to Toronto. I arrive in LAX at 6:30am at terminal B and depart for my second flight at 11:40am in terminal 2. Im just wondering the steps I have to go through to get to my second flight. Including the immigration and customs and what is involved in that process. As well as rechecking the bags and what the process is for that too. Thanks for all the help!
Hey, me again. Both my flights are with United airlines and the second flight is operated by air Canada. Does that mean anything?
Yes, you will arrive in the International Terminal, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags a the re-check desk, then exit the International Terminal and walk to your left (against the flow of vehicle traffic), the second building you come to is Terminal 2. Go inside and go through security. You should have plenty of time.
I'm arriving at 1110am on a Wednesday by ANA at TBIT, and hoping to catch a flight to DC on SWA at terminal 1 at 14:55. I am a US passport holder but my spouse is not. We will have checked bags. What are the chances of making this flight? I haven't bought the SWA tickets yet, but all the alternatives I can find will have us arriving in DC the next day - which I'd rather avoid.
Sorry, 14:05, not 14:55
That's really pushing it. It is not impossible but not easy. United may have a later flight. Check them
Thanks for your reply. We decided to play it safe and stay with a friend in LA, taking a noon flight out the next day.
Will arrive at TB terminal on Air Emerits at 155 pm.
Can I make it to a SW Air flight leaving at 3:35PM??
Factors: US citizen/ w checked bags/Thursday flight/Healthy/traveling single. What do you think?
No you need at least 3 hours between flights.
Hey, y'all! Flying from Minneapolis to LAX and flight's saying there's a 50 minute layover before switching to flight to Sydney. All flights are via Delta. Can I make this? Will I need to retrieve bags and go through security again?

Thank you!
No, you don't have to do anything with your bags or go through Security. You just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, both in Terminal 5. You have enough time if the flight from MSP is on-time.
Is 4 hr. 21 min enough time to connect from BIT to United T8, including going through customs? What is best route from one terminal to the other?
Yes, that is plenty of time. You can either walk or take the shuttle bus on the lower level (I prefer to walk). Note that the entrance is through Terminal 7 (Terminal 8 doesn't have a lobby).