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We are arriving at LAX from Hilo/Hawaii with United Airlines at 4:45 am (terminal 7) and continue with Air Canada to Montreal at 7:00 am (terminal 2). We have checked in luggage and fly on one ticket. What is the fastest way to go from T7 to T2 and do we need to re-check our luggage and clear customs control? Thank you for the help.
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. You don't have to do anything with your bags. You just need to go to Terminal 2 and through security. The fastest way from T7 to T2 is to walk straight across the parking garages. You have enough time.
I will be arriving on an american airlines flight from Heathrow in the international terminal. I then have a flight to San Diego out of terminal 4. I have two questions. If I have duty free from LHR, will there be any issue taking it on the flight to San Diego. Second, will I retrieve my bag in LAX or would it normally be checked all the way to my destination?
You will arrive in the TBIT or T4, go through US Immigration, claim your bags and go through US Customs. At this point if you have duty-free liquor you need to pack it into your checked bags. Then you will drop them at the re-check desk, then go through security in T4 or T6 and to your departure gate, which will actually be at the American Eagle satellite terminal.
Thanks for the information. I thought this would be the case and appreciate the confirmation.
I fly in to LAX from American Flight 14 from Maui (OGG) at 5:48am. I have a connection on SWA Flight 1144 to Nashville leaving at 7:30am. Will I have enough time to catch my SWA connection?
With no checked bags you can make this if the flight from Maui is on-time. With checked bags it will be pretty difficult, bordering on impossible.
If I am flying from London on Norwegian Airlines and arrive to LAX at 5:30pm Monday August 1st, will I have enough time to catch a flight to San Jose at 6:50pm? Will I need to recheck my bag and go through security again?
No, that is not enough time. Yes, you will arrive in the International Terminal, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then you will have to take your bags to the terminal and check in counter of your second airline, check your bags, and go through security.
I'm coming to LAX from Moscow at 3pm (Aeroflot). My next flight is at 5 pm to LasVegas (AmericanAirlines). Is that enough time for a switch? Please advise.
Thank you.
I have 1hr 25min Between flights. I will also need to recheck bags since they will not be on the same reservation. It will be 11pm at night on Christmas day and I don't think the security lines to get back in The Same Terminal (6) will be long right? AA 1743 8:31pm - 10:30pm
AA 6905 11:55pm - 2:35am +1
That should be enough time. Especially late in the evening on a holiday.
I'm travelling on Air France (+Delta) to Honolulu from Paris via LAX. We land at 1pm and take off with Delta at 3.05pm. That leaves 2 hours to get from one flight to the other and I'm travelling with a baby. Is there enough time to clear Immigration and Customs and make it to my connecting flight?

It's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi, we are flying into LAX on Singapore Airlines ETA 1.25pm (TBIT), and departing for Vancouver on Air Canada at 4.55pm (T2). We have a group of 7 (including seniors) and checked bags. May I know the connection process and if we have sufficient time for the connection? Thanks.
You will arrive in the TBIT, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, then if your bags are tagged through to your final destination, you follow the signs for connecting passengers, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then exit the building walk to your left, the second building you come to will be Terminal 2, go inside, get your AC boarding passes if Singapore wasn't able to issue them, and go through security.
Thanks ZAP! Appreciate the prompt response.
I am flying LAX to MSP from Gate 68B. My boarding pass says Terminal 5 but it says Terminal 6 on the LAX map. Do I get a shuttle from T5 or do I just go straight to T6?
Delta check-in is only in Terminal 5 but the gate is in T6. If you have no bags to check you can go straight to T6.
Also, you don't take a shuttle from T5 to T6, there's a tunnel inside security.
Thanks so much, ZAP! As I am arriving to LAX on an international flight, I will clear customs and immigration and book it to T6 for my flight.
Is it faster to walk from TBI terminal to terminal 6 from outside or is it faster to walk to terminal 4 and connect to terminal 6 from there
It's fastest to just walk to T6.
Is it possible to transfer to another terminal from inside the International Terminal, or do you HAVE to go outside and walk to another terminal? Do you then go through security at the respective terminal where your flight departs from?
Once you clear Customs after an international arrival you will be already outside security, so it's best to walk to your departure terminal and go through departure there.