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My flight from NRT to LAX get s in at 10:20 am on United Airlines ,my departure flight is with Delta at 12:30pm will I have enough time to clear customs and check into a diff airline in that time frame?
With checked bags, I don't think that's realistically enough time. Without checked bags it's barely possible if everything goes smoothly and you check in for your Delta flight before leaving Japan.
Hi! I have a 2 hour layover in Los Angeles (LAX) from San Diego (SAN) on my way to New Orleans (MSY). I am a US citizen flying Delta and everything is domestic. I plan on checking in 1 luggage.

When I arrive at LAX, will my check-in luggage be directed straight to my next plane to MSY, or will I have to pick up my check-in luggage at the carousel and check it in again? If the latter, will 2 hours be enough time for me to catch my flight? Also, will I have to go through security again at LAX?

Thank you in advance!
You don't have to do anything with your bags in LAX. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Hi there, i'm travelling from Doha to LAX by Qatar airways and I have a connecting flight to San diego on American Airlines. . I arrive in LAX at 14:05 at terminal 2 and depart for my second flight at 16:40 in terminal 6. In one ticket and with checked bags. What are the steps I have to go through to get to my second flight. Including the immigration and customs and what is involved in that process. Is 2:35 hours enough to catch my second flight?
You will go through US Immigration, (you hand over forms and show your passport), claim your bags, go through US Customs (hand over more forms), re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go to Terminal 6 (fastest way is to walk straight across the parking garages), then go through security and to your departure gate, which will require taking a shuttle bus to the American Eagle Remote Terminal.
Also, you should have just enough time.
Leaving with ski gear to Queenstown, via Auckland on Air NZ. Have never been in LAX Intl terminal.

What time should make the queue for a 1030pm departure?

In Aucklund, will I need to go thru customs first, then get my bags to re-check to Queenstown? Or, do I collect my bags, to go thru customs and the re-check?

I'm on Air NZ the whole way.....thank you.
I would plan on arriving at the airport at about 7:30-8 PM. Sorry, I don't know anything about the procedures in Auckland, but Air New Zealand is a pretty efficient airline and it's a well-liked airport, so it can't be too confusing.
Hey! I live in NZ close to Queenstown , the deal is that due to a lot of bio security reason in here .you hav to clear immigration , then customs then biosec.
You will arrive at Auck int, clear all above and then go to the domestic terminal . There is a shuttle or a 10-15 min walk in between terminals. And even if you have the same ticket you must collect your bags and recheck them in the domestic terminal.
I will be arriving at LAX on AA in October 10 at 18:45 from Los Cabos (México), then departing on Air New Zealand to Auckland at 22:30. I think both flights arrive to and depart from TBIT. The ticket are on separate reservations, which means I will have to re-check them at the ANZ desk. Considering this layover of almost 4 hours, will I have enough time to clear immigration and customs, check in my luggage at the counter and go through security into the boarding area? I'm considering re-booking my flight so that I arrive at LAX at 14:38 h.
I will have to re-check my baggage with Air New Zealand
Your flight from Los Cabos could arrive in Terminal 4 or the TBIT. You should have plenty of time.
Thank you very much for your prompt answer. I think I'll travel with just carry on luggage. If I manage to check in online, so that I don't have to re-check with ANZ, and if my flight on AA arrives at T4, do I have to leave security zone to transfer to TBIT? How long does it take to go from T4 to TBIT?
arriving from cancun into US with my brother he is US citizen I am Canadian will we be able to go through together or do we have to go through separately in different lines
Yes, Canadian citizens have the same immigration privileges at US Immigration as Americans (they can use the APC kiosks)
flying in cancun to LAX then Phoenix have 2.5 hr layover is that enough time and will I have to go through security again to get connector flight? flying united on both flights and is there a drop off in terminal B for checked baggage?
Yes, you will have to go through Security again. You will not arrive in the International Terminal, you will arrive in Terminal 7. You have enough time. Yes, you can drop your bags right after clearing customs.
on my itinerary it says arrive terminal B and depart terminal 7. so i'm a little bit confused by the comment I will be arriving at terminal 7. Don't all incoming international flights come through terminal B? As I said I will have checked bag so if I drop it off just outside of US customs can I not stay within the security zone to get to terminal 7 via overpass to terminal 4 and then on to terminal 7 as i seemed to read in other posts
No, not all flights from outside the US come into terminal B. You are outside the secure zone when you clear customs. You have to go back through security to get to your departure gate. This is true of everyone entering the US who has a connecting flight at every airport in the US.
I arrive 31. Juli with LH Business Class flight LH 450 from FRA 02:05PM to LAX 04:40PM
and my connecting flight is First -Class
UA 5247 departure LAX 07:00PM to BOI (SkyWest Airlines).
Any hints to manage this? - Txs in advance...
That is plenty of time. You will arrive in the International Terminal, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go outside and walk or take the shuttle to Terminal 7 and go through security - since you are flying First class on United you can use the Premier Access security line.
Can I walk to terminal 1 to terminal 2 without having to go through security?
No, you cannot. Terminals 1 and 2 are not connected to any other terminals inside security.
landing at terminal 7 with united and departing with united for toronto at terminal 2...only have 1 hr 20 mins ...is that enough time and do i have to go through security again
Your flight to Toronto will be operated by Air Canada. Yes, you will have to go through security again in Terminal 2. The fastest way is to walk straight across the parking garages from T7 to T2. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.