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  • Immigration/customs
    Nov 4, 2015
    Am coming in on virgin fron London and then going to Hawaii on delta a couple of hours later. Do we go through customs and immigration in Hawaii or have to come out in lax and check in again for Hawaii?


    In LAX you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, and go through Customs. if your tickets are all on the same reservation, you can then re-check your bags immediately after at the re-check desk, then go to Terminal 5, go through security and to your departure gate.


  • Melbourne to Cancun via LAX
    Nov 4, 2015
    Arriving at 6.30 am on Qantas flight and departing to Cancun on United at 9.30 am. 1. Do I have enough time? 2. Do I need to clear customs 3.Can I have my bags checked all the way through to Cancun from Melbourne ?


    Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, take your bags to Terminal 7, re-check them with United, then go through security. You have enough time if your Qantas flight is on-time. If you purchased two separate reservations you will have to take your bags to Terminal 7 to re-check them, you won't be able to use the re-check desk in the International Terminal.


  • Enough transfer time from international to domestic?
    Nov 4, 2015
    I am flying in from Shanghai to LAX on the day after Christmas. I have a connecting flight to Houston. Both flights are with United and it is on the same itinerary. Is 1 hour 50 minutes enough transfer time to claim my baggage, get through customs, recheck my baggage, and get to my new terminal? Please help! Thanks in advance.


    Forgot to mention that my flight from Shanghai gets in at 4pm, is that a peak time for customs?


    Both flights will be in Terminal 7. You should have enough time.


    So my international flight will arrive in terminal 7? It doesn't go to the international terminal?


    All United International arrivals except some early morning arrivals from Australia use Terminal 7.


  • Moving between terminals
    Nov 2, 2015
    My boyfriend and I each have a flight out of LAX on the same day, mine is international and his is domestic. Can I wait in his terminal until after he boards and then go to the Tom Bradley Int'l terminal for my flight? Do I have to go through security twice?


    You may not be allowed through security in his terminal. The International Terminal is not connected to other terminals inside security.


  • Layover LA to Mexico and do I have to go through customs?
    Nov 2, 2015
    I am flying in to LA on the 12 Jan and will land at 7am. I will need to take a connecting flight through the same airlines United Kingdom and the flight to Mexico is at 8.35am. Is that enough time, 1.5hours and do I have to go through customs, pick up my bag and check them in again? If so, is that really enough time? I've already booked the tickets through United Kingdom.


    That should be barely enough time. What airlines are you flying? I can help you more with that info.


    Hi sorry the actual airline is United Airlines.


    I'm flying from Melbourne to LA and it is the same airline all the way through.


    That should be enough time. Both flights will be in Terminal 7. Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security. If you are a UK Citizen you will need to complete ESTA before your trip. If you are a Mexican citizen you will need a transit visa.


  • international terminal transfer
    Nov 1, 2015
    I'm arriving from Sydney in LA terminal B at 6:30am and have to get to terminal 2 for 9:15 am flight to Bogota. Is there a transit passenger transfer without having to go through customs and passport control or do I have to go out through everything to change terminals and recheck through again?


    You will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags, and go through security. You should have enough time.


  • Do I have enough time to connect?
    Nov 2, 2015
    I'm arriving on UA at terminal 7 at 2125hr. My Eva air flight to Taipei is 2305hr at terminal B. Do I have enough time to connect? My checked bag will be transferred since two tickets are issued together under one e-ticket.


    Yes, that should be plenty of time. You just have to walk to the International terminal (which takes about 10 minutes), then go through security and to your departure gate.


    So 1hr20min is enough to clear immigration and security?


    Where is your United flight from? If it's domestic then you won't have to go through Immigration in LAX.


    My United airlines is from Vegas to LAX and Eva Air is from LAX to Taipei


    Then yes, you should have enough time.


  • Connection Flight from LAS to LAX
    Oct 31, 2015
    Hi, I m going to take the flight of United Airlines from Las Vegas to Houston, will stop and transfer at LAX . The plane will arrive at Terminal 7 and the next flight will be at terminal 8. Do I need to go through security check again? How long does it usually take from T7 to T8? I only have 30mins, will it be possible to make the connection? Will there be any staff to lead us for the connection since the time is so limited? Moreover, if I miss the second flight, can I be rescheduled to a later flight without charge? Thanks a lot and wish u a nice day.


    T7 and T8 are just two sides of the same building. They are connected inside security. It's not difficult. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time. Yes, if the first flight is late you will be rebooked on the next available flight to Las Vegas.


  • AA109 Internation to Hwaii Transfer
    Oct 30, 2015
    I will arrive at LAX with AA109 from Lohndon and connect to OGG after 1h45min. As it is on the same Ticket I think it should work to go thru Immigration and catch the next flight as a non US Passport holder.


    Yes, that should be enough time.


  • 15 people from southwest to international terminal
    Oct 30, 2015
    We will be flying in on southwest airlines and it looks as if that means we arrive at terminal one. We depart from the international terminal. What is the best way for us to get a large group, some being slightly handicapped, from terminal 1 to the international terminal with all our luggage in tow.


    There is a shuttle bus, but it is slow and gets stuck in traffic. I recommend those that can walk walk and those that can't take the shuttle.


  • Documents needed to transfer from Vancouver to Sydney
    Oct 30, 2015
    We board a Qantas flight in Vancouver, fly to L.A. and transfer to a Qantas flight to Sydney What documents are we going to need ???


    Qantas does not fly from Vancouver to LA. Your first flight will be on American Eagle. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. If you are Canadian citizens you don't need anything other than your passport. If you are Australian you will have to complete ESTA before your trip.


  • is 2hr27min enough layover time for connection during Christmas eve?
    Oct 29, 2015
    hello, looking at options for booking a flight on Christmas eve, there's a flight Toronto to manila with first stopover in LAX for 2 hrs 27 mins switching from Air Canada to Korean Air. Is this enough time to get everything done and get on the next leg esp since it's Christmas eve? thanks!


    As long as both tickets are on the same reservation that should be enough time. All you will have to do in LAX is walk from T2 to the International Terminal and go through security. Christmas Eve isn't a particularly busy travel day.


    thanks for replying! someone told me construction is going on at LAX (until dec) and that it will be crowded. Flight from Toronto arrives 9:03 pm DEc 24 and next leg leaves at 11:30pm for Seoul. So you think it's ok? When you say both tickets on the same reservation, do you mean - I bought tickets toronto to manila and ended up with those particular connections? so it should be ok? thanks again.


    forgot to add that I would have checked baggage. Would the airlines transfer them automatically? what do I have to do?


    Yes, as long as both tickets were purchased together from the same site then that means your bags will automatically be transferred. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. All you have to do is walk from T2 to the International Terminal, get your Korean boarding pass if you don't already have it, and go through security. You should have enough time. There is always some construction going on at LAX - it shouldn't affect this connection.


    THANK YOU! this saves me several hundred dollars!


  • Only a 50min window to make next flight
    Oct 29, 2015
    I am arriving at lax on southwest going to Hawaiian airline but I only have a 50 min window can I do this


    Without checked bags if you check in for your Hawaiian flight online you could maybe do it since you only have to go from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 and through security. With Checked bags it would be impossible.


  • Layover time in LAX to make the connecting international flight?
    Oct 28, 2015
    Hi, I'm travelling from Calgary to LAX then have to get an International flight at 11pm from LAX, at the end of January. How much time is appropriate to leave to be able to make the connecting international flight (I will have 2 checked bags). I was looking at arriving at LAX at either 2pm or 7.30pm. How frequently are flights delayed due to snow storms from Calgary?


    Calgary is pretty good at handling snow. Either arrival should be enough time. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Calgary.


    Even if my flights are not on the same ticket or with the same airline, do I clear US customs in Canada? My international flight is with Virgin. Do you know if Air Canada or United would be better to fly with in terms of cheating bags all the way through and/or not paying for baggage?


    Yes, you will pre-clear US Immigration in Calgary. If you are purchasing two separate reservations, then you will have to claim your bags and transfer them yourself. Neither air Canada or United have an alliance with the Virgin airlines.


  • question about time/distance between terminals
    Oct 30, 2015
    if we book a united flight arriving at lax at 2:30pm, will we be able to make a 3:45pm flight on southwest? not sure which terminals they are and the distance/time between the terminals. also, not sure if we have to go through security. also, will our baggage 'follow' us, or will we need to retrieve our baggage at united and re-check it at southwest? thanks so much for your help.


    You will arrive in Terminal 7/8 and depart from Terminal 1. If you have checked baggage you will have to claim it from United and then re-check it with Southwest. Southwest does not transfer bags to or from any other airlines. You could make this connection without checked baggage if the United flight is domestic but I don't think it would be reasonably possible with checked baggage.


    thank you for your help!!


    I'm in a similar situation (same airlines). How much time between would you suggest is necessary considering I will need claim and re-check baggage? Thank you!


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