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We have round trip tickets from PHX to SYD australia, with long layovers @ LAX (10hrs) both ways. Is it possible to forego the last leg of the ticket (From LAX to PHX) , collect our luggage after customs & take a direct earlier flight home to PHX on a different airline. I will allow at least 4hrs between flights.
Yes, that is possible if it's the last flight on your reservation.
Arriving from LHR what gate do i look for, for connecting flight to Hawaii by American Airlines
arriving from Auckland NZ at LAX. Is 1 hour, 50 minutes a long enough connection time to get a flight to Philadelphia?
Hi I am arriving on sep29 at 22:15 and taking CX880, will there be enough time for a connecting flight to BJX on 30sep 0100 if I have checked baggage ? Thanks
On Friday 9/15 we will be arriving to Lax from San Jose Ca at 3:30 on a southwest airline flight. Will we have enough time for our 2nd flight from Lax to IPL on Mokuele airline departure time is 5pm?
Im coming thru LAX Friday 2pm coming in from Costa Rica, Ive come thru several times and usually dont care the time from the plane thru customs and out to the sidewalk but I have someone picking me up right at 3-3:30pm and they have to be somewhere at a certain time so I was seeing what the average time was thru customs around that time , so I wont be a jerk and have them wait and just take an Uber.
My husband and I will be arriving LAX on Virgin Australia at 6:40 am on a Thursday morning. Is it possible to make a 9:45 AA flight back home? We both have frequent traveler numbers but will have checked bags. Thanks in advance!
HI I have an arriving flight with Qantas at 6am on a Friday, American Airlines has changed my next flight to Miami from 9.35am to 8.30am, as we've never been through this airport before can you advise if this is enough time to clear customs etc grab our luggage for AA flight I believe they're in the same terminal, if its not enough time could you please let me know an appropriate interchange time so I can book another flights
Thanks for any help Marguerite
Flying back from Auckland New Zealand connecting in LAX at 6:05am departing at 8:20 am to Bos. Is this enough time to make my connection? This is a legal connection time on AA. Do we have to go through a security check again & collect our bags? Do they have the Kiosk in customs?