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Guys, I'm arriving into LA on a Sunday in August - terminal 2, my friends are arriving from London into Terminal 7.

My friends arrive in approx. an hour before I do, but they have to go through US immigration/customs, where as I'm leaving from Ireland and will have done that already.

1. Will it take long for them to get through - would Sunday evening be busy?
2. Where would the best place be for us to meet - bearing in mind 2 different terminals, and we may/may not have phone coverage.
Hello. I will be traveling from LHR to LAX on Tuesday Sept 5 and am wondering if I land at 7:25pm and have a 9:40 or 10:15pm flight to the Bay Area if that would be cutting it too close? No idea how long customs will take on a random Tuesday afternoon. Thanks so much in advance!
Is it one reservation or two separate reservations? What airlines are you flying?
It is two separate reservations (I have yet to book lax-bay area, am doing that today). I fly New Zeland Air to LAX and then will book southwest to go north.
Then the 10:15 flight is barely possible.
I'm picking up friends arriving around 10:30 am today. Approximately how long until they get to the curb?
30-60 minutes.
Hi, I'm flying into LAX on Air New Zealand and am coming in at 11:15am I'm transferring to a Southwest flight that departs at 1:30p. Is that cutting it too close? I know you used to be able to check in and have the agent transfer bags from airline to airline, can you still do that? (i.e. Check in at Air New Zealand and say "I'm transferring to Southwest Airlines Flight #123 to Omaha, can you have them transfer my bags to that flight")
Southwest does not interline bags with any other airlines. In LAX you will HAVE to take your bags with you to Terminal 1 to re-check with Southwest. In my opinion, you are cutting it too close.
Thanks for the info. I just realized I entered the connection time incorrectly, it's at 2:30pm making my connection time 3 hours and 15 minutes. Is that enough time?
Yes, that should be just about enough time.
I am flying into LAX on Air China, arriving at 11am. I have a connecting flight with Southwest Airlines at 1:15pm. Is that enough time to process through customs and catch my flight?
No, that is not realistically enough time, unless perhaps you have Global Entry and no checked bags.
I was wondering how early we need to get to LAX for a flight going out on Monday July 17 at 10:20am to Newark and then on to Ireland on United Airlines? And when he comes home on July 31st at 4:28pm (Flight from Shannon, Ireland to Chicago and then Chicago to LAX) - how long should I expect him to take to go through customs?
You should get there at about 8-8:15 for your flight to Newark. On the return he pre-clears US Immigration and Customs in Shannon. All he has to do in Chicago is go from his arrival gate to his departure gate and all he has to do in LAX is claim his bags.
We are flying home from China arriving at 710pm on a Sat night, my flight home to Vegas just changed departure time from 1040p to 920pm on American. If we only have carry ons, will we have enough time to make our flight?
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Yikes....ugh now to try and find a new flight home
Would joining TSAPrecheck or Clear speed things up or it wouldn't matter coming back into the states?
Precheck would help you with security but not Immigration. Global Entry would help with both. Clear wouldn't help with either because I don't think LAX has Clear.
Global entry, I'll look into that, thank you!
My flights lands from Osaka at 10:40AM (Terminal B), how long will it take to get baggage and through customs? I need to check back into a SW flight (Terminal 1) departing at 1:35PM, is that enough time (2hr 50min) or should I book the 2:50PM SW flight to be safe?
That should be enough time if the flight from Osaka is on-time.
Hi, I will be arriving in LAX on a Friday mid-afternoon, early August, from Denmark? How many hours should I expect to get through immigration on such a day? Thanks very much in advance
Hi, I will be arriving in LAX on a Friday mid-afternoon, early August, from Denmark? How many hours should I expect to get through immigration on such a day? Thanks very much in advance
I would guess about an hour.