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My friend's flight on Air Berlin was delayed several hours and now will at rive at LAX from London at 19:16. Is that a more crowded time for travelers to arrive than the afternoon?
No, it is not
Hello! Can I use a tourist B visa as a transit visa to grab a connecting flight? Thank you!
Yes, you can.
Hello! I am flying from Mexico to LAX and then from LAX to China in different airlines. Can I go through customs, pass security and then change terminal to re-check the bags and pass security again to go back in? Or I can't do it because they are different airlines?

Thank you!
Yes, that is what you have to do. If you are a Mexican or Chinese citizen you will need a US Transit Visa.
Thank you!! Yes I am Mexican. Do you know if the tourist visa will work as transit visa?
We should arrive in LAX from Sydney at 06:05 and would like to catch a Southwest flight that leaves at 08:15. Is that enough time?
Maybe with no checked bags that would be barely possible. With checked bags it's probably impossible.
we are flying out of LAX on Southwest airlines. SW tells me that we need to check in at Terminal 1, go through security and check any bags we need, then, head over to the Tom Bradley terminal to catch our flight.
will we need to go through security Again once we get to Tom B.
You will only have to go through security once. Either you will go through security and be brought on a bus to your departure gate or be sent to the International Terminal after checking in and go through security there.
I've gotten more information - you definitely go through security in Terminal 1. Your flight will either depart from a bus gate, which you will be taken to from Terminal 1 or will depart from a normal gate in Terminal 1.
Thanks for the update.

I guess i should have mentioned that its an International flight.
I have someone flying into Bradley International who doesn't speak English and I'm wondering how many exits there are to chose from after you went through customs and you get your luggage. I feel like there is only exit door but maybe I'm wrong. Anyone know this? I want to give my friend as much info as possible so she isn't stressed. Thanks for your help.
I agree, as far as I know, there's only one.
If I'm flying from Mexico to the LAX how long will it take to clear customs if plane lands at 11am?
That depends on the terminal you arrive in and your citizenship. Between 30 and 60 minutes.
I have 2 questions.

How early dies Aur China at LAX allow one to check their bags? We would be getting to LAX earlier innthe day and would like to get rid our checked bags.

2. Is 2 hours 10 minutes cutting it too close for arriving at LAX, going through customs and getting a connecting flight to MCI?

Thank you!
1. About 4 hours before the flight.
2. That is just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
We fly in from Tucson going to Vancouver on a Wed morning, how long to get thru cusyoms
There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
I will be arriving on Korean AIr at 6:50am and I also have Global Entry - I need to continue to Denver Would I have enough time to catch 11:15am SW flight?
Yes, that should be plenty of time.
Hi, I have a very similar situation I have a question about- I am arriving at LAX on a Tuesday at 6:30AM (United) and am currently booking my connecting flight to Denver. There is one that leaves at 11:15 AM. I do not have global entry, do you think that will be enough time?