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I will be arriving on Korean AIr at 6:50am and I also have Global Entry - I need to continue to Denver Would I have enough time to catch 11:15am SW flight?
Yes, that should be plenty of time.
Hi, I have a very similar situation I have a question about- I am arriving at LAX on a Tuesday at 6:30AM (United) and am currently booking my connecting flight to Denver. There is one that leaves at 11:15 AM. I do not have global entry, do you think that will be enough time?
Hi we are planning a trip to Cuba. We arrive Lax at 6:30am on qantas from Sydney. We are looking at a flight by Alaskan airways that leaves at 8:50am to Havana .I think this is from terminal 6. Because this flight to Cuba when does the checkin close due to travel restrictions on Cuba flights. We have hand luggage only and plan on using the kiosks at tom Bradley to clear customs. Will we have enough time? Do we need to go outside tom Bradley and clear security again or is there away to get to terminal 6 remaining airside.

Check in closes 90 minutes before the flight, so you need to be at the Alaska desk in T6 by 7:20, or only 50 minutes after your Qantas flight arrives. That's pretty risky. You will have to go through security again in T6.
I am US citizen traveling from Japan arriving at 1130am and have my bag with me already. Would an American flight from terminal 5 be doable if leaving at 110 pm?
It might be possible if everything goes perfectly, but I personally wouldn't try it.
Is there any kind of shuttle or bus service from LAX to Orange County Airport?
There is no scheduled service.
Where is the AA Customer Service Counter Located at LAX?
Customer Service and Ticket counters are the same thing, so the entrance to Terminal 4.
I am arriving on Singapore Air from Cambodia at 6:40p.m., July 24, 2017. I plan on flying Southwest to Phoenix. Can you give me an approximate time frame needed for Customs and security needed so I can book the proper flight? Thank you, SAS
3.5 Hours or so.
We are connecting to EVA air from Delta at LAX. We arrive on Delta at 9:42 am. EVA departs at 12:15 pm. Is 21/2 hrs enough time to make the connection?
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly and the Delta flight is domestic.
Yes the Delta flight is domestic from Salt Lake.
Arriving at terminal 1. Is there a free shuttle to TBIT
Yes, it runs on the arrivals level, but it is faster to walk.
We are returning to the us from barcelona at 755pm... we need to catch a 945 flight on a different reservation to portland. Will we need to go through customs, leave security to get our bags, then re enter through security?? If so, how long should we expect this to take?
forgot to mention.. in on Iberia and out on Alaska
I don't think that's reasonably enough time. Yes, you will have to do all of those things and also move from the International Terminal to Terminal 6 in the middle.
Hi all,
I'm arriving at LAX @ 635 (QANTAS) from Australia, and then planning to fly directly to Mexico City (Volaris). I'm assuming that I will have to collect bags go through customs, change terminal, check bags, and go through exit customs. Any ideas on how long this will take - I'm looking at a flight that would give me 4.5 hrs to achieve this.
Thanks in advance!
You have the process correct except that the last step is security, not exit customs as there is no exit customs or passport control from the US. Yes, 4.5 hours sounds sufficient.
Thank you!