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Hi we are arriving from sydney arriving at 0630 and then have to catch a westjet flight to calgary at 0845 will we have enough time going through immigration and customs. Also we arrive at terminal b and then have to go to terminal 2 do we drop off our baggage or do we have to take it to westjet and book it in again.and do we go through customs etc again and how do we get to terminal 2
Arriving on flight from London at 9:16 pm and my next flight to Phx is on United at 10:35pm, will I make it thur customs on time to catch flight
Is the first flight also on United? If so that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
My young adult son is on his way to a rehab and has fallen off the wagon. He has a 2:30pm delta flight to Honolulu and is passed out. If he isn't helped he may be arrested or miss yet another flight. Doesn't help he is jet lagged. If you see him or can help, please do. He's at a Delta gate
I know this is a bit too late but is your son okay now?
My daughter in arriving LAX on Southwest Airline at 8 am. SW does not connect with Hawaiian Airline at 10 am. SW said she has to check out the luggage and then reenter LAX with all that along with 4 little children. Is there any airport services that could help her? Between terminals and luggage?
There is no such service. She can rent a luggage cart or pack a foldable luggage cart.
We have booked tickets on the same reservation with Virgin Australia, flying from Sydney and arriving at LAX at 6.30am. We then leave LAX at 8.55am on a connecting flight with Delta to LAS. Is 2 hours and 25 minutes enough time to catch the connecting flight. Thanks
Yes, that is enough time.
I'm a US citizen landing at LAX from Aukland, NZ at 12:35pm on a Friday. I then need to board a flight from LAX to Denver, which is scheduled for 4:17pm. Will i have enough time to get through customs, collect my checked baggage, and get through LAX security for my 4:17pm flight?
What airlines are you flying? Are both flights on the same reservation?
Flying Air New Zealand into Lax (terminal B arrival) then flying from Lax to Denver via American Airlines (terminal 4 I believe). They are separate tickets, so Im thinking I have to recheck my bags and go through security again, but am not sure. Thanks!
Yes, you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, take your bags to Terminal 6, re-check them with American, and then go through security. The flight will actually leave from the American Eagle Remote Terminal which means taking a bus from gate 60 to this little remote building where you will board your flight to Denver.
Thanks, so is your "yes" response to my original question of will I have enough time or are you just confirming that I will need to go through customs, recheck bag, etc? Also, as far as American Airlines, everything in LAXs website says terminal 4, so I'm wondering why you're referencing terminal 6? Thanks.
Yes, you do have enough time. American is primarily located in Terminal 4, but they also have gates in Terminal 6 and have a check-in counter there. Since your flight is American Eagle, it will definitely leave from Terminal 6.
I am taking the same flight later this year, and am trying to book my connecting domestic flight. Can you tell me if this flight arrived earlier than scheduled? Thanks.
Wondering how early I need to arrive at LAX today for my 6:15pm Flight on Sun Country to Minneapolis?
I would get there at about 4:30 at the latest.
On 12/28 my husband (green card holder) only speaks Spanish, will be arriving to LA at 0750 on LAN airlines. I want to give him some instruction about what to do and where to go so he won't miss his Virgin America flight to SFO that leaves at 1000 AM. Can you please advise?
He will arrive in the International Terminal, go through US Immigration, claim his bags and go through US Customs, if his bags aren't tagged through to SFO he needs to take them with him and exit the International Terminal and walk to the left. The next terminal he comes to is Terminal 3, he needs to go in and check his bags with Virgin America and then go through security.
I'm meeting a traveler coming from Chile. Will they clear customs at Tom Bradley, where they also land?
Yes, they will.
I am flying from Las Vegas on Southwest and arriving at LAX 8:25 am and departing on Southwest for Cancun at 9:35 am will I have enough time to catch my flight?
Yes, that should be enough time. You will arrive in Terminal 1 and depart from Terminal 2 (if you are traveling soon - you will depart from the International Terminal if you depart after May). You will have to walk to Terminal 2 and go through security.