LOT Polish Airlines

IATA Airline code: LO
Website www.lot.com
Route Map View route map
Main Phone 0-801 703 703
Additional Phones 22 1 9572

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees 1. Economy passengers can bring onboard one carry-on bag up to 6k/13lb an118cm/45in linear dimension; Business Class passengers can ring onboard two carry-0n bags of up to 6kg/13lb & 118cm/45in each. Baggage must fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. (A test unit at either check-in counter or boarding lounge will determine if bag meets requirements.) If your cabin bags are overweight or oversized, they will be checked, put in the cargo hold, and excess baggage fees collected. 2. In addition, both classes can bring onboard the following personal items: handbag/purse, overcoat, wrap or blanket; small camera and/or binoculars; reasonable number of duty-free items, umbrella, laptop computer, infantís onboard needs; food for onboard consumption, assistive devices, child safety seat, baby bassinet & collapsible stroller.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees 1. Depending on destination,Weight or Piece Concepts (by weight or by piece) apply to free bag allowance and to oversized and additional bags. (a) Baggage allowances on routes where Piece Concept applies: To/from: USA, Canada, South America (Brazil); (b) Baggage allowances on all other routes: Weight concept applies. 2. Baggage allowance applies to Adults & Children under 2.

LOT Polish Airlines Flights

LOT Polish Airlines has flights that serve the following cities/airports:
Please note: this list only includes LOT Polish Airlines and not any code-share or partner flights. LOT Polish Airlines flights serve these cities directly. Flights are available on LOT Polish Airlines from each airport to all airports listed. These are not direct flights; multiple connections may be required.

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