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  • Transfer to Air Antilles flight at Christmas
    Jun 8, 2016
    Air Antilles Flight Departs at 2:30 pm to SXM. How much time do I need for incoming flight layover with Checked Bags? My best options are 90 minutes on united and 75 minutes on Southwest


    I honestly would want more time than either of those.


    Thanks. One more. Do I need to clear security again after customs going from an SXM arrival to Southwest flight with only carry-on luggage?


  • Cape Air and American Airlines
    May 15, 2016
    How long does it take to get from Cape Air Terminal to American Airlines Terminal


  • STT>SJU>Tampa
    May 12, 2016
    Seaborne flight from STT landing in SJU at 2:40. Then trying to catch a 3:20pm to Tampa. Carryons only. Doable? Are the airlines near each other in the SJU airport?


    Sorry the 3:20 flight to Tampa is with Southwest.


    Without checked bags this is barely possible if the Seaborne flight arrives on-time and you are already checked in online for your Southwest flight.


  • SJU Dominica Connection
    Apr 25, 2016
    South West Flight from BWI arrives SJU at 12:25pm. Planning to take 2pm LIAT flight to Dominica. Is this doable?


    Without checked bags you can definitely do this. With checked bags it depends on the Southwest flight being on-time and the bags coming out quickly. Also note that LIAT is fairly unreliable and unprofessional.


  • tight connection on JetBlue
    Apr 25, 2016
    Do all JetBlue arrivals and departures go out of the same concourse or terminal. I only have 45 mins between them. Will I have to go through customs again when I arrive in PR from Boston? I am traveling from Boston to San Juan then from San Juan to St. Maarten.


    I land in San Juan from St. Maarten on Jet Blue at 4:47 pm and have a 5:31 pm flight to catch on American, going to Miami. I only have carry on luggage. Will I be able to make the American flight?


    Wow! Jet Blue and American Airlines are in different terminals. I would say about a 10 minute walk. The only problem is having to check in at the AA counter and then the TSA line which will be at least a good 15 minutes. I was just there Tuesday and even though it was moving the TSA lines had over 50 each. 45 minutes would work if it was just a connection with the same airline. Also, remeber, PR is still the USA, so no passport no customs for US citizens unless you are entering the US from an international flight. From Boston, you just come out of the gate and can walk right out to the street b/c you will still be in the USA


    That St. Maarten->SJU->Miami connection is not possible since it is international to domestic on two separate airlines.


  • tight connection on JetBlue
    Apr 13, 2016
    Do all JetBlue arrivals and departures go out of the same concourse or terminal. I only have 45 mins between them. Will I have to go through customs again when I arrive in PR from Boston?


  • Virgin Gorda to Fll
    Apr 4, 2016
    I have a one hour lay over in San Juan coming from Virgin Gorda to Fll . Will I be going through customs in Fort Lauderdale or when I Land in San Juan?


    You will go through US Immigration and Customs in San Juan.


    Thank you know How far is that coming from cape air to jet blue ? Knowing I only have an hour to spare to go through customs to security and the gate ?


    Good luck, that will be difficult, but Cape Air might be able to pull a few strings.


  • distance between terminals
    Apr 5, 2016
    What is the approximate distance from terminal A to Terminal C


    SJU only has one terminal. A and C are concourses.


    Thank you. I have only a 45 min. Layover with JetBlue going from concourse C to A. How much time do you think it would take for this connection?


  • SJU Seaborne to Southwest tight connection possible?
    Mar 29, 2016
    Departing from STT I land at SJU via Seaborne at 2:45pm Sunday and have a flight on Southwest at 3:20pm SJU > LAX. I have no checked bags. 1) I know this is tight, is this enough time for it to be possible? 2) Does landing in SJU from STT count as international? Will I have to go through customs? If so, I assume that answers #1 as a "no"


    SJU->STT is not international. If you check in for your Southwest flight and print out your boarding pass before you leave St. Thomas, you can make this as long as your Seaborne flight is on-time.


    sorry- to clarify... not SJU -> STT My itinerary is STT --> SJU ---> LAX


    where STT -> SJU - lands at 2:45pm SJU -> LAX - takes off at 3:20pm


    Sorry, I meant to type STT->SJU The rest of my post is correct. You have enough time if everything goes perfectly.


    Interesting ZAP - so is going to BVI not considered International travel? Wouldn't I need to go through customs at some point? I thought SJU is considered domestic to US...


    St. Thomas is in the US Virgin Islands, not the British Virgin Islands.


  • Southwest to Seaborne
    Mar 28, 2016
    I am arriving at 3:50 on Southwest in San Juan and catching a 5:10 flight on Seaborne to St. Thomas. Is that enough time to catch the 5:10 flight I think Southwest is on B and Seaborne is on D


    Do you have checked bags? With checked bags this will be very difficult as you will have to claim them from Southwest, re-check them with Seaport and go through security.


    No we are carrying on bags


    With carry-ons only I think you can do it.


  • HELP! Tight connection
    Mar 16, 2016
    Arrive UA1914 Monday March 21 Terminal B at 05:14am, no checked baggage both fit to get to Terminal A to catch LIAT 527 to Tortua at 06:35. Is 1 hour, 21 minutes enough??


    With no checked baggage that should be pretty easy as long as the United flight is on-time.


  • Is 1 hrs connection time possible
    Mar 5, 2016
    We are flying Jet Blue from SXM to SJU arriving 1 hrs prior to our connecting flight to DCA. We have GOES cards, but will that help us make our connection with checked bags


    Even with Global Entry I think that will be pretty difficult with checked bags. I won't say it's impossible though.


  • Flying from CLT on AA to SJU, connecting to Cape Air to Vieques
    Feb 15, 2016
    Will we need to go through security in SJU again? We have checked luggage.


    If all your tickets are on the same reservation and your bags are checked through to Vieques then you won't need to go through security again in San Juan. All gates are connected inside security.


    Our tickets are not on the same reservation


    THen you will have to claim your bags from American, take them to cape air, and go through security again if you have checked bags.


  • Flight change
    Feb 2, 2016
    Flying from PHL landing in SJU at 2pm (on American). I have a completely different flight with Jet Blue at 3pm from SJU to STX. I will have checked bags, is this possible?


    No, that would not be possible. by the time you get your bags from American you will be past the bag check cutoff for Jetblue.


  • Connections
    Jan 29, 2016
    I have a fairly long layover in SJU and was planning to spend it in the lounge. My question is will I have to clear security or can I check in airside? i have pleanty of time but my flight out is with Volaris and they may not have a check in desk open so long before the flight.


    Yes, the Volaris counter won't open until about 3 hours before your flight and you will likely have to check in at the Volaris counter outside security.


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