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My Liat flight is supposed to arrive 10:55pm in SJU and my next flight on a United flight is at 2:46am. Do you think it would be enough to transfer bags and clear in immigration?
That should be enough time..
Arriving via LIAT flight from Dominica at 12:30 and have a fight with Jet Blue to JFK at 14:40. We have check in bags. Is that enough time to make that connection. Next direct flight from Jet Blue is post 7 PM so don't want to wait 7 hours at airport.
Are both tickets on the same reservation or two separate reservations? If it's one reservation and the first flight is on-time it's just enough time. LIAT isn't known for its punctuality.
Thank for the quick response. They are on separate reservations so we will need to clear immigration, collect luggage, check it in again, clear TSA and get back on plane.
Then I think that's pretty difficult even if the LIAT flight is on-time, which is a big IF.
Cape air flight from virgin gorda to SJU landing 2:27 pm . Can we make American airlines Flight to Phila leaving at 3:40 pm on a Sunday in February with checked bags
Sorry we have carry on bags!
If both tickets are on the same reservation that should be enough time.
I travel similarly and will tell you that this is as tight as it gets even with no checked bags. TSA lines are very long depending on the time of day. Cape air docks at terminal D usually and the walk it self to terminal A is very long. I'd look for more time myself.
Does TSA have pre-check here?
Arrive on Spirit Air 2:10. Only have carry on bags. Need to be on Jet Blue 4:05. Are the terminals close enough to do this???
San Juan technically only has one terminal (although they call them different terminals they're just concourses). You have enough time if your Spirit flight is on-time.
Arrive SJU from JFK at 04:58PM Terminal B (Delta) and need to take next flight to Beef Island at 05:58PM Terminal D (Cape Air) with checked baggage which means 1 hour layover. Would that be enough to take the next flight and do I need to pass through the security check in again? Please advise as this would time my first time in SJU airport. Thanks very much!
With checked bags that is not enough time.
Arrive SJU 2:00 pm on Spirit with checked bag. Need to be on Jet Blue flight at 4:00 pm. Do I have enough time to get bag and check in on Jet Blue? Will I need to go through security again?
Yes, you will have to go through security again after you transfer your bag from Spirit to JetBlue. This is a very difficult connection.
My flight Departs from jfk at 6:20am with JetBlue and lands in SJU at 10:06am. My next flight leaves from SJU at 10:45am on JetBlue to Punta Cana, DR. My questions are...will I have enough time to make it to my connecting flight since it's only a 39min layover? And do I have pick up my luggage at SJU and recheck it and go through customs before boarding my connecting flight to DR? Please help, a bit nervous.
ALl you have to do in San Juan is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
My daughter is coming from EIS on Seaborne to SJU then connecting to Chicago on AA. Seaborne didn't give her boarding passes for her other flights. Can she get her boarding passes inside security? She has 2 hours there. She checked a bag and it will go all the way to her final destination.
Yes, she should be able to get her AA boarding pass at the AA gate in SJU.
Thanks for the info. She ended up with her bag outside of security after coming out of customs. Which was a good thing because her flight to ORD was delayed 5hrs and they put her on another flight, which she made...luckily she had tsa precheck to go back through security. She's gone through SJU 8 times now and seems like it's different each time. At least Verizon works there now. Thx
Yeah, coming from the BVI, yeah she would be outside security after customs.
I'm flying United from Ord to Stt changing planes to Cape Air in San Juan to Stt . Do I have to claim bags in San Juan?
Are your flights on two separate reservations or one reservation? What airlines are you flying?
I have the same question with the same destinations, flying in with United and flying the STT with Seaborne Air. So we have to grab our bag from baggage claim and go through security again? It was all made on one reservations. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
If your ticket was booked on one reservation, you will not have to claim bags upon landing in San Juan. You will simply have to go from your United arrival gate to your Seaborne departure gate. However, beware that Seaborne may depart in a separate concourse, causing you to have to go through security anyways.
Last time we took this trip, an SJU employee directed us to go outside the airport to walk (a LONG walk) to get from concourse B to our Cape Air flight at Concourse D. We have an hour and quarter layover so time is tight this time. Do we really have to go outside or can we stay inside the concourses? Any tips to save time are appreciated. Carry-on luggage only!
The indoors connection requires going through security again. I suggest you take the same route you did last time.
Thank you so very much, ZAP! It's a relief to know that we're going the fastest route possible. Your reply is much appreciated!