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  • SJU Seaborne to Southwest tight connection possible?
    Mar 29, 2016
    Departing from STT I land at SJU via Seaborne at 2:45pm Sunday and have a flight on Southwest at 3:20pm SJU > LAX. I have no checked bags. 1) I know this is tight, is this enough time for it to be possible? 2) Does landing in SJU from STT count as international? Will I have to go through customs? If so, I assume that answers #1 as a "no"


    SJU->STT is not international. If you check in for your Southwest flight and print out your boarding pass before you leave St. Thomas, you can make this as long as your Seaborne flight is on-time.


    sorry- to clarify... not SJU -> STT My itinerary is STT --> SJU ---> LAX


    where STT -> SJU - lands at 2:45pm SJU -> LAX - takes off at 3:20pm


    Sorry, I meant to type STT->SJU The rest of my post is correct. You have enough time if everything goes perfectly.


    Interesting ZAP - so is going to BVI not considered International travel? Wouldn't I need to go through customs at some point? I thought SJU is considered domestic to US...


    St. Thomas is in the US Virgin Islands, not the British Virgin Islands.


  • Southwest to Seaborne
    Mar 28, 2016
    I am arriving at 3:50 on Southwest in San Juan and catching a 5:10 flight on Seaborne to St. Thomas. Is that enough time to catch the 5:10 flight I think Southwest is on B and Seaborne is on D


    Do you have checked bags? With checked bags this will be very difficult as you will have to claim them from Southwest, re-check them with Seaport and go through security.


    No we are carrying on bags


    With carry-ons only I think you can do it.


  • HELP! Tight connection
    Mar 16, 2016
    Arrive UA1914 Monday March 21 Terminal B at 05:14am, no checked baggage both fit to get to Terminal A to catch LIAT 527 to Tortua at 06:35. Is 1 hour, 21 minutes enough??


    With no checked baggage that should be pretty easy as long as the United flight is on-time.


  • Is 1 hrs connection time possible
    Mar 5, 2016
    We are flying Jet Blue from SXM to SJU arriving 1 hrs prior to our connecting flight to DCA. We have GOES cards, but will that help us make our connection with checked bags


    Even with Global Entry I think that will be pretty difficult with checked bags. I won't say it's impossible though.


  • Flying from CLT on AA to SJU, connecting to Cape Air to Vieques
    Feb 15, 2016
    Will we need to go through security in SJU again? We have checked luggage.


    If all your tickets are on the same reservation and your bags are checked through to Vieques then you won't need to go through security again in San Juan. All gates are connected inside security.


    Our tickets are not on the same reservation


    THen you will have to claim your bags from American, take them to cape air, and go through security again if you have checked bags.


  • Flight change
    Feb 2, 2016
    Flying from PHL landing in SJU at 2pm (on American). I have a completely different flight with Jet Blue at 3pm from SJU to STX. I will have checked bags, is this possible?


    No, that would not be possible. by the time you get your bags from American you will be past the bag check cutoff for Jetblue.


  • Connections
    Jan 29, 2016
    I have a fairly long layover in SJU and was planning to spend it in the lounge. My question is will I have to clear security or can I check in airside? i have pleanty of time but my flight out is with Volaris and they may not have a check in desk open so long before the flight.


    Yes, the Volaris counter won't open until about 3 hours before your flight and you will likely have to check in at the Volaris counter outside security.


  • MAZ-SJU and then connect on Jet Blue
    Jan 9, 2016
    I will fly MAZ-SJU on Cape Air and then connect on Jet Blue to mainland US. One ticket. When I get to SJU, will I need to clear security? The connection time is not long, though obviously it is a legal connection since it is one ticket. Thanks.


    You don't have to go through security. You may have to go through agricultural inspection though.


  • Enough time to connect
    Jan 6, 2016
    Southwest flight lands in SJU at 1:40pm, is that enough time to make connection on Cape Air to VQS at 2:45pm? We will be carrying on luggage. Do we have to go ticketing for boarding pass or can we get at the gate?


    That should be possible. You should be able to get your Cape Air boarding passes at the gate.


  • Jetblue to sju to seaborne to skb
    Jan 4, 2016
    ticket via travelocity so in theory, one init but traveling to sju on jetblue, connecting to seaborne to get to skb with 1 hour 25mins. Check bags or not? will they make the connection to the seaborne flight? is jetblue near seaborne?


    Jetblue and Seaborne have an interline agreement so your bags will be checked through to Seaborne and as long as your Jetblue flight is from the mainland you won't have to do anything with it in San Juan. That should be enough time. All gates at SJU are connected inside security.


    thanks for your quick and helpful reply!!


  • San Juan to Tortola via Seabourne
    Jan 3, 2015
    We are arriving in San Juan at 11:43 a.m. from Atlanta on Delta. We are trying to decide if we will have time to catch the 12:40 flight from San Juan to Tortola. Are Delta and Seaborne near each other terminal/gate wise and is an hour enough time? Will we have to go through security again? We are not checking our baggage.


    Without checked bags it's theoretically possible, but leaves no time to spare. You won't have to go through security in San Juan.


  • Immigration & Customs process
    Jan 3, 2015
    I will fly from UAE to Puerto Rico with American Airlines and take a flight with LIAT to Dominica. Will I be required to pass through immigration and customs in order to take the flight with LIAT? Or is the LIAT checkin counter in the transfer/ transit terminal?


    You will go through US Immigration and customs where you enter the US. Since there are no nonstop flights from UAE to San Juan that will be somewhere else. If your bags are checked through to your final destination then you can go directly to your departure gate in San Juan.


    Thank you Zap. Are you living in Dominica or have you just travelled there frequently? Any suggestions for networking or linking up with expats in Dominica?


    I have never been to Dominica, I answer questions about every airport.


  • Enough time to make a connection?
    Dec 23, 2015
    My flight to SJU gets in at 1:55 p.m. and the next Cape Air flight is 2:43. Is it too risky trying to make that connection?


    Are both tickets on the same reservation? Do you have checked baggage?


  • Shortest way of getting from terminal D to A
    Dec 20, 2015
    I have a very short time to get from Terminal D to A and would like to know if I can get there without going through security checkpoints which may make me late for my Air Flamenco flight. I have seen mention of staying "inside security" but I'm not exactly sure where that means to go. On an airport map I see the exterior perimeter seems to show, with arrows, that you get around that way but I have a feeling I have to stay more in the interior area (closer to the wrap around road). Is that the corridor I must take? Must I go through a security checkpoint at the entrance to terminal A if I never leave the confines of the airport.? We will only be carrying carry-on luggage, no checked luggage. Also I have a "Check-In Ticket" with a barcode on my reservation confirmation. Do you know if this is considered a boarding pass and perhaps I can just go directly to Air Flamenco's departure gate? Thanks for all your help.


    It just means follow the gates towards A after you arrive, it should naturally lead you thought the corridors inside security. You shouldn't have to go through security. A boarding pass says "Boarding Pass" on it - however, the Air Flamenco departure gate should be able to issue your boarding pass.


  • Delta to Cape Air
    Dec 16, 2015
    In January I'll be flying Delta from Atlanta to San Juan, then flying Cape Air from San Juan to Culebra. A Cape Air representative told me that once we arrive in San Juan we must exit the secured area and check in with Cape Air at the ticketing counter. Does anyone know if this is correct? She said they've been doing this for at least a year. I'm wondering if she just meant that this was necessary if we needed to transfer checked bags to Cape Air.


    You probably will have to do that to get your Cape Air boarding passes. Delta probably won't be able to issue them and Cape Air doesn't have online check-in.


    Thank you. So, if Delta IS able to issue the boarding passes AND check our luggage all of the way through, then we can just go to the Cape Air gate. Is that correct? This is what we did several years ago when connecting with Cape Air in San Juan.


    Yes, if your bags are checked through and you have your Cape Air boarding pass you should be able to go directly to your Cape Air departure gate.


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