Parking Options at Lyon Exupery Airport

Parking Options at Lyon-Saind Exupery Airport: Parking Information is located at the corner of Allee Quest, across from the Tour Operators (tel: +33 (0) 472 22 77 90).
Short-term parking is available in P0, P1, P2 and P6; Long-term parking is in P5.
P0 is garage under the terminals, its spaces are identified by levels (first digit).
P1 is garage close to the terminals; max. height: 1.90 meters;
P2 is covered hourly parking close to T2, hourly parking, max. stay 24 hrs, max height: 2.7 m;
P5 is long-term parking 3-90 day stay, close to access road,  max. height 3 m;
P6 is in front of the TGV Railway Station – max. stay 3 days, max height 2.7 m.  A free shuttle bus links P5 & P6 and e-Park .

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