Lyon Exupery LYS Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Lyon Exupery LYS Airport

The passenger terminal complex at Lyon-Saint Exupery Airport includes three passenger terminals - T1, T2 & T3.   T1 & T2 are connected by the  three-level ‘Le Centre’, while small T3 is southwest of T1 - connected by short walkway.   The Meeting point, reached via carpark P0, is within Le Centre.

Terminal 1 has a ground level for arrivals and an upper level for departures.
   The ground level at its east end,
connects to T3, and at its west end to NH Hotel.
   The upper level connects to 'Le Centre' for services (information & airline counters, currency exchange, meeting point, & business center) and access via tunnel to tansport 'Gare TGV, as well as short-Parking.
    NOTE:  Work on the first phase of T1's extension project  started on a new building along the current T1- expected for completion by summer 2016, while the new centralized baggage handling building was completed 2015.
Terminal 2 has a ground level for arrivals and an upper level for departures.
   The Arrivals level
with access to the carparks P & P2 (while P0 connects directly to the Derture level of T2).
   The Departures level has access to the airline gates & to the 2-level boarding satellite (left),  and to Le Centre and to T1 (right).
Terminal 3 can be accessed directly from the NH Hotel and from carpark P1, and connects to T1by walkway.

Amenities & services of Le Center: WiFi internet access is available throughout the airport.
On the first level is a parking information desk, three restaurants, two VIP lounges, Tour operators, five boutiques, a meditation/prayer room, 4 cash/ATM machines, AOC foreign currency exchange; baby-change tables at Arrivals 11 & 12, customs & duty-free shop, Sofitel hotel, Airport medical center, post office.
On the second level is the restaurant Espase Le Bec and on the third level Le Patio and the Sofitel.
The Business Center is in the heart of the Airport complex with easy access to the terminals
The Service Center (Tel: 0826 800 826) on level 1 of Le Center handles following services: Lost & Found, personal messages upon flight arrival, gives you access to the lounge in the public area, makes photocopies, sends/receives faxes, safe-keeps items, gives access to showers upon presentation of plane ticket and offers toiletries; and securely straps luggage.
The new Welcome Zone serves exclusively as information service about the Rhone-Alpes region.

NOTE:  Ongoing work between 2015 and 2020 aims at integrating all three terminals into one, housing all airlines, including LLCs. Consequently,  redesign of South entrance creates a new traffic circle at main South access and redesigned roads.
- By Summer 2016, T1's phase 1extension  project is to be completed with a passenger pick-up /dropoff area in front of Terminals 1 & 3, a shuttle stop & taxi drop-off, and a new 10,000 sq.meter concourse  
- By 2017, a connecter building between Terminals 1 & 2 (at their departure lounges) is to be completed.
- By 2019/20, replacing the 'Metallico' part of T3 will be completed.

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