Parking Options at Las Vegas McCarran Airport

If you are picking up a passenger at McCarran, follow the yellow triangles to the Passenger Pick-Up curb, located across the pedestrian bridge from baggage claim. This area is designated for immediate loading only. Short-term metered parking is also available in this area.

Express Exit:  Take ticket when entering parking facility & keep your Express Exit Ticket with you; then park your car.  Upon your return to the car, look for the bright yellow Expess Exit Pay Station, located at T1 garage on levels 1 & 2 & T3 garage on level 1, as well as near all other parking facilities. Insert your ticket, follow steps & pay with cash or credit card. Retrieve your ticket ad proceed to an Express Exit lane, whereyou insert your ticket, take receipt - and off you go!

Other Parking Options at McCarran International Airport are available for both Terminal 1 (T1) and  Terminal 3 (T2) -
Both Terminals 1 & 3 offer Short- & Long-term parking in their respective Parking Garages and surface lots; both terminals offer valet parking. Short-term is defined as parking under 3 hours. Garages are across from the respective terminals and surface parking is nearby.  For Oversized parking call 702.261.5122.
All short-term parking is limited to 3 hours; parking in designated handicap spaces is limited to 4 hours, and fees are paid in advance at a parking meter (quarters only). Change machines are located in all short-term parking areas and are identified by green flashing lights.

Parking details and Fees
:  (currently Parking fees Terminals 1 & 3 are identical, except at Remote/Oversized Lot).
    Short-term parking for T1 is on level 2 of the parking garage; and for T3 on level 1 of the parking garage.
first 60 mins $2; 1 hr $4, 2 hrs $6, each add'l hr $3; up to daily max $36.
    Long-Term Parking: (a) For T1 Long-term parking located on Levels 1M & 3 through  6 of the garage;  (b) for T3 on levels 2 through 6.  International travelers or those picking up international arrivals: park on east side of garage by 'club' symbol - while Domestic passengers should use the west side of garage with a 'diamond' symbol. (Pick up a Parking Reminder Card near elevators to remember your parking spot.)
Fees:  first 30 mins $2; 31-60 $3;  each add'l hr $1, up to daily max $16.
    Valet Parking: Five Star Valet (702) 261-6999) parking: (a) at T1 parking garage, level 2,  (b) at T3 parking garage, level V.
Fees:  minimum $6; each add'l hr $1; up to daily max $23 (call Ampco at 702-261-6999).
    Economy Parking:  (a) for T1: off Paradise Road with entrances at Gus Guiffre Rd. and Kittey Hawk Lane. Courtesy shuttles connects to Terminal 1, level 0 (add 30 minutes to your schedule - 10-15 mins waiting time, plus  transfer);  (b) for T3: on east side of T3 parking garage.
Fees:  first 30 mins $2; 31mins to 2 hrs $3; each add'l hr $1; up to daily max $10.
    Remote / Oversize Parking: Vehicles over 22 ft. long, over 8.5 ft. wide, or over 13.5 ft. high must use the Oversize/Remote Lot.  (a) from T1 to Remote Lot : Drive south through tunnel; stay in right lane going towards I-215W;  exit first right at Hidden Well Road, turn left on Gilespie, cross over freeway and make left into Remote Parking entrance.  (b) T3's Remote Lot is next to the T3 parking garage.
Fees at T1 Remote Lot:  first hr $6, each add'l hr $3; up to daily max $15.
Fees at T3 Oversized Lot:  first 30 mins $2; 31 mins - 2 hrs $3; each add'l hr $1, up to daily max $10.
    Parking for veterans with disabilities: Free parking for up to 4 hrs in short-term parking facility is granted to those with either "Disabled Veteran" licence plate or EXPOW. Upon exit, use a cashiered lane - if not available, use the phone at the exit gate.

For more parking information call (702) 261-5122.  For free shuttle service to Terminal 1 call 261-5122.

Las Vegas McCarran (LAS) Airport Parking Map

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