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I am flying southwest and my friend is coming in on Jet blue, where can we meet to get the shuttle to the hotels?
Since you will arrive in different terminals it will be hard for you to meet up at the airport. There is a shuttle bus between the terminals, but you should probably just ride separate shuttles to your hotel and meet there
I am flying into Terminal 3 and then taking the WAX bus. Is it possible to take the T3 tram to Gate D and then take the other tram to Terminal 1 baggage claim? Or is my only option to wait for the airport shuttle outside T3 to drive me to T1? The two trams just seem quicker.
Looking for the most economical transportation from LAS to a resort not on the strip - on a Saturday night. Any suggestions
The absolute cheapest is to take the RTC bus. What route to take depends on what "non-strip" location you're going to. The next cheapest is one of the shuttle buses (they all cost about the same). However, if there's more than 2 of you a taxi isn't much more expensive and a lot faster. Even if there's 2 of you the price difference isn't that significant between a taxi and the shuttle (since the shuttles charge per person). Since you're not going to the strip the traffic shouldn't be as bad.
ok so i am taking the bus wax to airport!! it drops me off in terminal 1 how do i get to terminal 3?
While the consolidation of the rental facility at LAS was a great idea, I thought it was too far from the terminals and that the bus ride took too long.
To get to the consolidated rental car facility when you return your rental car, watch out for signs as the access road to it is not the same as getting to the Airport.