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Is it possible to arrive on an Allegiant flight at 3:04 PM and catch a 3:44 Allegiant flight ? No baggage or carry-on. Thanks!
Hi, I'm flying on a painful Spirit redeye out of the T1 B Gates. I'm hoping to get to the airport early and hang out in the Centurion Lounge, which is in the D Gates. Is there an easy way to get between B and D? Can I go through security at Terminal 3, since it seems easy to get to D from T3, and then go to B when it comes time for my flight? Tips appreciated!
It's not easy or intuitive since the airport wasn't built to go that way, but I believe it is possible.
Landing at B gates, 3 hours before flight from terminal 3. Can you go from Terminal 1 B Gates to Terminal 3 via D gates and the trams?
Theoretically yes, but it's not really intuitive. You have enough time to take the shuttle bus and go through security again in T3 if you prefer.
Can u go from C gates to B gates without going thru security
Yes, you can just walk from C to B.
will have a bag; arriving on AK Air @ Terminal 3, switching to Southwest at Terminal 1 - have 3 hours - can I only do this by using the bus between terminals?
Yes, you have to take the bus. You have enough time if the Alaska flight is on-time
I am considering booking an allegiant airline flight into LAS arriving at 9:00 PM. I am considering booking a frontier airline flight leaving LAS at 10:40PM. Is 1 hour and 40 min enough time to transfer terminals with 1 checked bag?
Not reasonably, no, that's not enough time.
Thank You! I appreciate your feedback....
I am arriving on Southwest terminal 1 and meeting a friend arriving in jet blue terminal 3. No checked baggage. What is the best way for me to get to terminal 3 and best place to meet. Thank you
There's a shuttle but it doesn't exactly run frequently.
Hello, is the connecting train between gates D and E within security. I am flying on Delta (gates D) and departing on Jetblue and want to know if it possible without going through security again. Thank you!
Yes, it is.
Help please, booked a flight flying into Las Vegas on Frontier and there's 64 mins between my next flights from a different terminal for Spirit. Is there enough time? I am not checking bags. ThanK You so much
In theory, it's enough time without checked bags, but Frontier runs late a LOT and if you are late arriving, Spirit will NOT accomodate you on another flight. You'll be stuck buying another ticket. Don't be a cheapskate, just buy a normal ticket instead of trying to stitch something together across two different budget carriers.
hahaha Thank You ZAP - will definitely not be doing this sorta booking in the future. How do I get to Spirit from Frontier as quick as possible? Do I take a train from Terminal 3 toTerminal 1 gate B?
You can in theory take a train from the D gates where Frontier arrives to Terminal 1 and then go to the Spirit departure gates in B.
I have 40 min layover between two southwest flights in Las vegas. Is that enough time?
It's possible if everything goes smoothly.