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Hi I’ll be arriving tonight flying in with Southwest and I need to get to where Hawaiian Airlines Gate is at. It’s my husband’s first time to America and I don’t want him to get lost. Any tips where I get meet him at his gate?
I arrive on a Hawaiian flight (D gates). I will have no checked baggage and will be seated towards the front of the aircraft. Is a 60 minutes layover enough to make it to a Southwest flight (C or B gate) without wildly sprinting through the airport? As I understand it, we do NOT have to go through security again, correct? Thank you!
You will probably still have to wildly sprint through the airport, but it is possible. You have to take the train that is marked for the baggage claim for American and Delta, but instead of exiting security, turn around and find signs that point for the C gates.
Is it possible to get from the gate area in concourse A to concourse D without exiting security?
Yes, but the route is not well marked. You have to walk towards the C gates and then there will be a train to the D gates near the security checkpoint near C.
I am arriving on a Virgin flight arriving at 6 PM from LA and connecting to a Southwest flight to Phoenix at 750 PM with no check bag. How do I make the connection and do I have to go through security. Please let me know, Thanks
It is possible to go from Terminal 3 through the D gates to Terminal 1 and then to your southwest departure gate using the trains all inside security, but it's somewhat convoluted. That is enough time though without checked bags if everything goes smoothly.
Arriving 11/6 from SGF @ 2:13 on Alligiant
Departing 11/6 from LAS @ 3;03 on Alligiant
How far apart are the gates
All Allegiant gates are in Concourse A fairly close together, however you won't have enough time if you have checked bags because Allegiant doesn't transfer bags between flights. Also, if the first flight is delayed and you miss your connection, you will be stuck in Las Vegas.

I am flying in from Seattle in December on Delta 2794 and taking a connection of international Virgin Atlantic 44. I should arrive at 1:53pm and next flight departs at 3:35pm if everything is on time. Will I need to reclaim baggage and go through security again? How should I travel between terminals/gates and will there be enough time to do so? Thank you!
Is it all on one reservation or is it two separate reservations?
It's all on one reservation.
Awaiting your response, thank you!
You don't have to do anything with your bags then, just take the train from the D gates where you arrive to the E gates where you depart. You should have enough time.
What gate does United fly out of?
United uses about 5 or 6 gates all in Concourse D. You check in in Terminal 3.
I print boarding pass from home and have no checked luggage . Can I use terminal 3 security checkpoint for Delta flight that departs at D-gates?
Yes, you can.
Flying from PHX to LAS on American Airline with checked bags (all the way thru Korea), then connecting to Korean Airline. Is 2 hours connection time enough? Do I need to check in again at the Korean Airline counter? Do I need to go thru security checks again? Thanks in advance.
If everything is on the same reservation then you can just take the train from the D gates to the E gates where your flight to Korea will depart.
I am arriving on a Jet bLue flight and need to meet friends at Southwest. They are checking bags I am not. What is easiest way to meet them at southwest baggage claim?
Eh, since you arrive in the E gates there's no easy way. You can take the train to the D gates and then take the train to the American Airlines baggage Claim. The American Airlines baggage claim is close to the Southwest baggage claim.