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  • Short Connection from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3
    Jun 2, 2015
    I am flying into LAS on Friday with Allegiant and then fly out on Westjet. From my research it looks like I'll be coming in at A or B gates in Terminal 1 and departing at E gates from Terminal 3. I won't be checking any bags so I'm wondering if I can get to Terminal 3 inside security or what the fastest way is? I won't have much time. Thanks.


    It's theoretically possible to get from 1 to 3 inside security by taking the train from 1 to the D gates and then D gates to E gates. However, this is not a marked route. Otherwise there is a shuttle outside security and security lines in Terminal 3 are generally short.


  • Which Terminal is it easiest to meet another party?
    May 27, 2015
    My sister is arriving at Terminal 1 and I arrive at Terminal 3 approximately the same time. Would it be easier to meet at Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. Any advantage with buses to hotels at either Terminal?


    What airport?


    Las Vegas McCarran


    There are more frequent gray line shuttle buses from Terminal 1 since it handles more flights than Terminal 3.


  • domestic to international
    May 19, 2015
    Im due to arrive by SW at 3:20 and meet a friend flying international arriving at 4:05. How do i get between terminals 1 and 3 quickly or would it be easier to meet at the Avis rental off airport?


    There's a shuttle outside security between Terminal 1 and 3. You can meet your friend at the exit of customs. You would probably comfortably arrive there by the time he exits customs.


    Thank you. :)


  • Information please
    May 17, 2015
    Our son arrives at 7am and no checked luggage. We will be at Hawaain air waiting to leave at 9am. Can we get his boarding pass and meet him at gate for Hawaiin air? Can he take train over and not have to go through security again?


    What airport? Is his first flight international or domestic?




    What airline is he flying to LAS on?


    southwest from Ontario CA.


    It's theoretically possible to take the train from the C gates to the D gates and then the D gates to the E gates where you depart, but it's not a marked route. If his flight is on-time he has enough time to take the shuttle between Terminals and go through security in Terminal 3. But he will need his boarding pass.


    Thank you


  • Newark to LAS to SD
    Apr 25, 2015
    I am flying with United Airlines from Ireland to Las Vegas with a stopover in Newark. I will have checked in luggage. I am then getting a Southwest flight to San Diego from Las Vegas. How do I do this ?


    You will arrive in Terminal C and claim your bags. Then take your bags on the AirTrain to Terminal A and re-check your bags, get your Southwest boarding pass, and go through security. You can check-in online for your Southwest flight before leaving Ireland and I highly recommend doing so.


  • APC Booths
    Apr 11, 2015
    Anyone used the new APC Booths to bypass Immigration queues


    They don't technically "bypass queues" there is still a line to access the machines, although it is shorter, and you still have to see an immigration agent, except it is a much briefer encounter as he doesn't have to enter any information as you already entered it on the APC.


  • Phoenix Bound
    Apr 8, 2015
    I amd flying in to Vegas on Unied Airlines from Denver and I 3 hours to make a connection with Southwest Airlines on my way to Phoenix AZ. Will that be differcult


    Without checked baggage this should be very easy. All you have to do is follow the signs from the D gates to Terminal 1 (may be listed as Delta and American baggage claim). With checked baggage however you will have to claim it in T3 then take the shuttle bus to T1 to re-check it with Southwest. You should still have enough time though.


  • Connecting between Southwest and United
    Apr 5, 2015
    My family is flying through LAS, both departing and returning, on vacation. We will be arriving Southwest and departing United. Then on the return trip it will be reversed. How is this accomplished and is it difficult? Thanks.


    Yes it is difficult, especially with checked baggage. Without checked baggage you can just take the train from Terminal 1 to the D gates. However, with checked baggage you have to claim it from Southwest, take the shuttle bus to Terminal 3, re-check it, then go through security and take the train to the D gates.


  • Travel from Terminal 1 to 3
    Apr 1, 2015
    I am landing by a Southwest flight into Terminal 1 and need to meet with a traveler arriving by a domestic Virgin America flight into Terminal 3. Is the inter-terminal shuttle easy to locate and use? Are there 2 shuttle drop off locations at Terminal 3? We are hoping to meet by the baggage claim and then travel to a hotel on the Strip. Thanks!


    The shuttle has one stop in each terminal but it's easy to get between the arrival level and departure levels inside the terminal.


    Thank you ZAP! Would you also happen to know if the shuttle is easily accessible? Is it as simple as walking outside and finding it by the curb?


  • From concourse E to D
    Mar 18, 2015
    I need to make my way from E (where i land) to D where my mother lands. Do i just take the tram? I have luggage to pick up.






    It depends what airline your mother is flying. If she is on United then she will use the same baggage claim as you. If not, she will use the baggage claim in Terminal 1, in which case you will have to take the shuttle bus there after claiming your bags if you need to meet her at the airport.


    Feb 28, 2015


    Yes, there is a train.


  • Getting from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3
    Feb 16, 2015
    I am flying into Terminal 1 on Southwest and arrive at 9:40 p.m. I am meeting someone flying into Terminal 3 on United that arrives at 10:00 p.m. I am not checking any bags, will I have time to get from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3 to meet the friend so we can share a ride to the hotel?


    Yes, that will probably be enough time.


  • D gates to WN gates
    Jan 3, 2015
    I'll be departing LAS tomorrow evening, and I just found out a relative has a layover (3 to 4 hours) tomorrow late afternoon. I'm on DL, so I'll be out of the D gates, but they'll be on WN, probably C gates. Is there any sort of connection between the B/C gates and D? Or is the only way to leave security, walk down the hallway to the D gates, and clear security again? I don't think there is, but wasn't sure. I only fly DL in/out of LAS, so I've never been to the other gates. I was planning on getting to the airport an hour or two earlier than usual so we can catch up over dinner, and trying to figure out the most convenient way. I don't want her to have to leave security and then have to reclear it again. However, I have PreCheck. Can I go through the Pre line for the B/C gates, even though my DL flight will leave from D? That way I can get through quick, meet up for some food, and then clear security again easily at D gates. Thanks in advance


  • Term 3 - Term 1 shuttle connection
    Nov 13, 2014
    Do the shuttles between term 3 and term 1 operate 24 hours a day? If not what time of the day is their first ride?


  • C Gates to Terminal 3
    Oct 27, 2014
    I am arriving by way of Southwest into the C Gates (Terminal 1), but my car is parked at Terminal 3 (departed on United). Can I access the D gates without exiting security so to take the inter-terminal tram between T1 and T3?


    You should be able to, but it may require walking back towards the security checkpoint then following signs to the D gates.


    Thanks, much appreciated.


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