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Arrive at 12 pm from Canada on WestJet, Concourse E. Checked luggage (hockey gear).
(Supposed to) Leave Concourse B/C (not sure yet) to fly to Detroit w/Southwest.
Impossible? Even if I take a cab from Terminal 3 - Terminal 1? Check in online? Self-print luggage tags?
You didn't post the departure time, but you would need at least 2 hours for that connection, assuming your coming from somewhere in Canada with preclearance.
Thanks for responding so quickly. Looks like I need to change my flight. It's departing at 12:50 so no hope of making it.
Southwest Gate C16 to B14 How long will it take
Probably about 10 minutes.
Booking travel for business, but I've never been to the LAS airport on a time crunch so thank you for all your help!

I'm looking at coming in on Southwest from MCI and leaving on Southwest to SAN. Only 1 carry on, no checked bags, pre-printed boarding pass. Would 50 minutes be enough time to get from one plane to the other?
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Hi, this question may have been answered but I have just over an 1 hour to get from terminal 3 to T1. The flight coming in from LHR is Virgin, my connecting flight is to Seattle with Delta. Thankfully no luggage, but would be good to know what hurdles I should expect!
That's not realistically enough time.
Las Vegas is our final destination, I am arriving in T1, family is arriving in T3.
Since I don't have luggage, what is the easiest way to get from T1 to T3, is there an in-terminal transfer? Does it require having a boarding pass for a flight leaving T3?
I am looking to connect via las vegas airport from Mexico city to Seattle. Looking to take the Volaris flight 966 arrivng at 11.28am at T3. Connecting flight is Alaska airline flight EK 3004 (codeshare Emirate) at 1.15pm from T3 to Seattle (in Seattle connecting to Dubai). I will only have carry on luggage and I am not a US citizen. Will I have to pass through immigration and do you believe 1:45min is sufficient to make the connection.
Hi If you could help me figure out how to get from T3 to T1 D gates staying airside I would be thrilled. Ned to meet someone at their arrival gate D43 Thank you
The D gates aren't specifically part of T1. T3 airlines use them too, so yes, there is a train inside security from T3 to the D-gates assuming you are arriving on a domestic or pre-cleared flight.
I am arriving from a pre cleared Canadian flight yes. I read something about a blue or red line ??
Hey I have a flight at terminal 3 and my boyfriend at terminal 1 (two hours later).
Can we check in and than transfer between terminals after security?
Not easily.
My flight time was changed on Delta. Is an hour enough time to get to American?
With checked bags it is not enough time. With no checked bags it's barely possible.
Hi, myself and family fly from Seattle to London via Las Vegas. We have 1hr20min for the connection. We fly from Seattle on delta and from Vegas on Virgin. We have 2 small kids and will have 2 umbrella stroller. Do we have enough time to make the transatlantic? Will we have to clear an additional security gate when going from domestic to international?
There is no additional security. Just follow signs to the E gates. You should have enough time.