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Arriving on Hawaiian Airlines at 6:15A. Do I have enough time to make a connecting flight on Southwest that departs at 7:40A? No luggage, just a backpack.
With no checked bags you should be able to make that. You can take the train directly to Terminal 1.
arriving at 7:30am on Hawaiian air, Departing on Southwest air at 10:30am. Do I have ample time to retrieve my luggage, catch the shuttle from terminal 3 to terminal 1, and check in my luggage?
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am landing in terminal 3 from Stockholm and connecting to Boise in Terminal 1. (tomorrow landing at 4 pm and connecting flight at 5:20) The only problem is I have 1 hour and 20 minutes to make it! Will I make it?!! I can take all my luggage as carry-on...but I still have to go through customs and check-in through security again...??
I don't think you will be able to make that.
I'm flying from London to Los Angeles but I have a stop in Las Vegas. I will land at 7:20pm from terminal 3 and the other flight is from terminal 1 at 9:40pm. They told me I need to take my luggages and check them in again...
Will I have enough time? What is the fastest way to do so?
Thanks for the help!
What airlines are you flying? The only way between T3 and T1 with your luggage is a slow shuttle bus. This is a very difficult connection.
We are flying with British airlines from London and then American Airlines to Los Angeles
Are both of your tickets on the same reservation? If so then you can re-check your bags at the re-check desk in Terminal 3, go through security there, and then take the train to your departure gate in Concourse D.
Flying in on Southwest with elderly woman will get a wheel chair to push her Dec 27 arriving 11:20 pm then have separate flight out on Hawaiian Air at 1:40 am do we have enough time to check in for the connecting flight with carryon luggage only no checked bags
You can check-in online for the Hawaiian flight. You should have enough time.
Thank you
We won't have to go out through security and check in and go back through again? We can just check in online and go right to the gate?
Yes, I believe you can - you would just take the train from T1 to the D gates
I'm worried about time and switching terminals...
I'm flying into LAS with American Airlines at 11:30am, but the connecting flight is a different airline. I switch to Alaskan Airlines to fly to SLC at 1pm. Will I have to leave the terminal and go back through security?
If your bags are checked through or you don't have checked bags you can just take the Train from the D gates to Terminal 3.
Just how far is the walk to these gates and how long does it take a small old woman to get there?
C is a long concourse so it can be anywhere from 5-15 minutes.
I was wondering how long does it take to go from D gates arriving on Delta to E gates Departing on Virgin Atlantic taking the red line trams?
It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.
I arrive on British Airways. I can either take a flight on United, Virgin America our Southwest Airlines. They are both 70-80 minutes after my arrival on BA. Which airline is quickest for me to get to after Customs?
None of those connections are possible. You need at least 2 hours.
LAX-LAS arriving in Terminal 1 concourse D, 90-minute layover, then to terminal 3 LAS-LGW. Both flights are under the same booking. I suppose there's a tram inside so I don't have to go through a security check? Will I have enough time? Where's the tram located?
Many thanks for your help.
Yes, there is a tram inside, it runs underground. It's fairly obvious where it is.