Parking Options at Memphis Airport

Parking options at Memphis International Airport include a free cell phone lot; a 3-level short- & long-term parking garage with separate accesses to A, B & C sections of the terminal complex; and a 7-level parking & rental car garage.Parking for short or extended days is available in all three parking facilities.
The free Cell Phone Lot is at the Airport's entrance road, to the right. Stay with your car until your party calls you to be picked up at the curb.

Short-term spaces
are on the ground level of the 3-level garage, opposite the terminal (stay in left lane, follow signs).  Fees: first 30 mins free, 31-60 mins $2; each add'l 30 mins $1, up to daily max $21; each day thereafter : each 30-min segment $1, up to 24 hrs $21.
Long-term spaces are in the 3-level garage opposite of the terminal.  Fees: first 30 mins free; 31-60 mins $2; each add'l 30 mins $1; up to daily max $11; thereafter, each add'l 30 mins $1, each day $11.
Economy parking is available on 5 levels of the new multi-level parking garage. Level 1 has a covered moving walkway to the terminal. 10 EV charging stations are on level 5, next to elevators.  Fees: first 30 mins free; 31-90 mins $1; 91mins to 24 hrs - daily max $6; each day or portion thereafter $6.

For parking information or vehicle assistance call 901-922-8065

Memphis (MEM) Airport Parking Map

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