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Hello, my friend is flying into MIA via Air Canada and I am flying into MIA via Volaris from Mexico. We get in an hour apart. Will we be arriving at the same terminal? Where would be a good place to meet up?
Thanks in advance for any help. 😃
what terminal does interjet from mexico city arrive
Terminal Central-F
I am a Colombian passport holder based in Cali. I am looking to go to the Bahamas next month, and the flights with American are a small percentage of what the Copa flights are. Am I allowed to transit through Miami on to the Bahamas? The layover is only 2 hours. Any help and guidance appreciated
You will need a US Transit Visa in order to transit the US. 2 hours is doable but slightly risky.
I am flying AA from DC to Miami and then have an hour layover in Miami before I carry on to Panama City. I am worried about having to clear customs in that time. Will I go through customs in Miami and will it be enough time? or do I just go through customs once in Panama. Thanks
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. All you have to do in Miami is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Where does a passenger end up after exiting immigration and customs? Where shall I tell my people to meet me?
That depends what terminal they are arriving in.
ALL international passengers are sent through the same immigration and customs area upon arrival and then, if not connecting to another flight, exit. I want to know where these passengers exit ...
That is completely incorrect. The North Terminal Complex and South Terminal Complex each have their own immigration halls.
thanks, zap. Think I have it figured out. I'll be arriving Terminal D ...
I am picking up some friends who coming from Brazil. There flight gets in at 5:50pm, they have to go through immigration/customs. How long does that take and what time should I leave to pick them up? I am coming from Deerfield Beach.
They likely won't be out any earlier than 6:45
I have a flight in H but want to visit the Lounge in J. Does the J TSA lines have TSAPre Check or is it better to go through H and walk to the J terminal?
There is no Pre-Check line for J because none of the airlines in J are Pre-Check participants.
Hi, I am travelling from Orlando to Cozumel with a 59 minute connection time in Miami. Will this be enough time? do I need to collect bags & go through security again? Flying with AA. Thanks
You just have to walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
I booked a round trip flight from LAX to Miami (for a mid July cruise) back in early February. I hadn't flown since the TSA checkpoints were implemented so I didn't really take into account how long it would take to actually board the plane and whether we would have time to disembark from the ship, take a shuttle, check in and still make our flight. I've heard horror stories about how long the checks can take, but it took us less than 30 minutes to get through the checkpoints at LAX last week and we ended up just sitting and waiting for hours. This Friday we will disembark from the ship at 7:30 am. The port where we will be docking is about 15-20 minutes from Miami international airport. My mom, who entrusted me with the duty of handling the minor details of travel (such as flight reservations) pointed out to me earlier today that our flight may be scheduled too early for us to make in time. I've toyed with the idea of rescheduling our flight, but given the short notice, I'm sure the fees will be exorbitant.
Will we have enough time to jump through all the hoops and board our flight successfully? Also, will checking in online the previous day influence how quickly it takes to get through? We only have carry-on luggage.


I goofed on scheduling our return flight and wonder if ~1.5 hours (leave cruise ship at 7:30-ish, take a 20 minute shuttle back to airport and go through checkpoints) is enough time to board our flight or if I should just reschedule the flight for a later time?
So you're going to get to the terminal 1.5 hours before your flight? That should be just enough time.
I want to make two separate bookings - but checking first if feasible. Arriving from Lisbon via TAP Portugal at 3:10pm. Can I make an AA connection to POS, Trinidad for a 6pm flight? I will be travelling with checked luggage.
That's only barely possible if everything goes perfectly.