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We are flying from Tampa to Miami, then to Punta Cana, DA. Our layover time is only 45 minutes. Will this give us enough time to make our connecting flight??
Hi, I have 2,5 h for making a connection in Miami, I come in from british Airways London Heathrow and need to be on the American Airlines flight to LIMA. AA booked be on this one with 2,5 between the two flights, is this possible ?
Yes, that is possible.
Can a person with an Ecuadorian passport make am international connection through Miami without a visa? Flight route is Guayaquil - Miami - Santiago, DR. Thanks.
No, you need a US Transit Visa.
Went through customs when leaving Aruba. Baggage ticket shows final destination is DFW. Do bags have to be claimed in MIA and rechecked to DFW?
No, since you cleared US Customs in Aruba all you have to do in Miami is walk to your departure gate.
I arrive from San Antonio at 11:08am and departs to Mar at 12:15 on 2 separate tkt, is it possible to make it
Where are you flying to? What airlines? Do you have checked bags?
Flying to BOG from GNV on two different tickets. I arrive in MIA at 4:45pm and depart on Avianca at 6:23pm. Is that enough time to make the connecting flights? Thank you!
That is fairly impossible with checked bags and barely possible without checked bags.
On a Monday, flying from Barbados at 3:50 pm to Miami landing at 7:48 pm on American Airlines and catching a connecting flight to Atlanta at 9:30 at terminal D .. will I make it?
Yes, that should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We arrive in MIA from PHX at 4:19pm. My final destination is Key West. A friend suggested bus service to the Keys as an economical option. The Bus departs at 5:45pm. Is this enough time to collect luggage and get to the bus (which has a pick-up station in the airport)

thanks in advance!
Yes, that should be enough time.
I will arrive at 7 pm, but my next flight leaves at 5:30 am next day, I am planning to go to the airside and to the AA lounge as early as I can, and how early can I go? and I am afraid of being denied by security in midnight. Thanks
You won't be allowed in until the morning. probably about 3:15 AM.
American airlines has changed our flight times. We've never been to MIA. Were departing DFW and arriving at MIA at 10:20am flight AA2336 then departing at 11:08 flight AA1028 to AUA, Aruba. That's 48 min. We fly out June 24th in two weeks so I don't have the terminal info..
That is enough time. All you have to do in Miami is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.