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  • LIR-MIA-CLT Holiday Connections
    Oct 6, 2015
    Flying back from Costa Rica on Jan. 4, AA flight change now has us arriving 11:18am from LIR, our dep to CLT moved up to 1 pm. We have Global Entry, no checked bags. Is this too close a connection to count on, or not a problem with GE kiosks? Thank you.


    That should be no problem.


  • connection from LHR to FPO via MIA
    Oct 1, 2015
    Do I have enough time in MIA, arriving at 2.55pm from LHR, connecting at 5.20pm to Freeport, all booked together with AA/American Eagle?Do I have to collect bags in MIA even if checked all the way through to FPO at LHR? Thankyou.


    You should have plenty of time. You should not have to claim your bags at MIA since you are on an International to International connection. You will have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and security.


  • Guatemala-mia-mco
    Sep 30, 2015
    i arrive to MIA at 11:42am from Guatemala city and leave to Orlando at 01:55pm, are the 2hr 13 min enough time?


    That should be enough time.


  • Connection from Madrid to San Jose passing through Miami
    Sep 28, 2015
    Do I have enough time arriving in Miami at 16:00 from Madrid in American Airlines to connect San Jose Amerian Airlines flight with departure at 18:05? Thanks in advance, Regards


    BTW, I´m Spanish citizen, Is any SPEED Transfer CARD or something that I could ask to AA? Thanks, Regards


    You should have enough time. There is no priority immigration for short connections in the US.


  • 3 hour layover at MIA for FRA-MIA-PUJ on separate tickets
    Sep 27, 2015
    Hello! I will be arriving in MIA on lufthansa at 14:35 and then connecting to PUJ on GOL at 17:30. I have two separate tickets which means that I will have to clear immigration/customs/luggage and then check in and clear security for my second flight. Is 3 hour enough time for this process? Thanks


    That should be just about enough time.


  • Flying from Paramaribo to Costa Rica, passing through MIA
    Sep 25, 2015
    Hi flying from Suriname to Costa Rica. I had to buy one ticket Suriname-MIA and another ticket MIA-Costa Rica. I have 1h and 40 minutes to change flights. Is this enough time? Do I have to go through customs?


    No, that is not enough time. Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags with your second carrier, and go through security.


    Sep 22, 2015
    Hello, I have a flight from Charlotte to Mexico with a stop of 50min in Miami, do I have to claim and recheck my baggage at Miami? Thank you


    That depends on your airline(s). If you booked your trip on the same carrier (or their partner), your bags will be checked thru to MEX.


  • ATL-MIA-Curacoa
    Sep 14, 2015
    On return flight I will need to go through passport control, reclaim my bag to go through Customs and then recheck my bag for return flight to ATL. I am a US citizen. I was told the bag needs to be rechecked at least 45 mins prior to my flight to ATL. I have a 1hr 45 min layover. Will this be enough time?


    On your way to curacao all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate in Miami. There is no US Customs when exiting the US.


  • Missed connection home
    Sep 10, 2015
    So we booked our honeymoon a while ago and I just looked at the flight information and our reservations have changed. We originally had about a 2 hour layover coming home to account for customs and reentry through security. Now when I look we only have 45 minutes from touch down to takeoff and im fairly certain we wont have enough time. What are my options? I didn't change the flight, and the original flight no longer exists. Also this leg home would be the last flight of the evening so if we miss it we will be stuck for the night. Should I call the travel agent to try and book through a different carrier?


    Yes, that's not enough time. You need to call the travel agent and have you rebooked. Since this connection is now impossible and is the last of the evening, they will either have to accommodate you over another hub or re-book you on a partner carrier. If that's not possible they will have to refund that portion of your ticket and you will have to rebook you, or you will have to plan on spending a night in Miami at the end of the trip.


    Thanks! Ill give the travel agent a call and see what she can do since this is essentially why we are paying her. I was so confused as to why I didn't notice such a short time gap earlier as I'm always mindful of that especially when it comes to Miami's chaos.


  • tight
    Sep 9, 2015
    I'm a swedish citizen and I'm traveling from london to Aruba via MIA. Will I make my connection if it's only 1h45. It's all with AA.


    No need to post the same question twice.


  • Short Connection at Miami
    Sep 22, 2015
    Hi, I am flying AA from LHR to MIA and also got a 2 connection to NAS on MQ. I am worried if 2 hours would be sufficient. I am hoping that American and American eagle can check in my luggage upto Nassau but will the CBP area be crowded in MIA? I have gone through long queues in JFK and SFO airports in the past. Request suggestions.


    That should be enough time. You won't have to claim your bags in Miami since you're on an International to International connection.


    If you are flying from LHR to MIA with AA you MUST pick up your luggage first and clear customs before connecting to your next flight. Your luggage will not be put on the next flight. You have to collect it first.


  • Domestic to International connections
    Sep 8, 2015
    I'm going from EWR to MIA via United, then MIA to Cancun via AA. Will 45 min give me enough time to catch the flight to Cancun?


    Without checked bags if you are able to check in for your AA flight beforehand it might possibly be possible. With checked bags, purchased on two separate reservations, it is completely impossible.


  • Milan to Mexico city through Miami
    Sep 6, 2015
    Hello I am about to book flights from Milan to Mexico City through Miami with American Airlines. The return flight has only 2h 20 min layover in Miami. Will that be enough time to go through Customs, immigration and security? I don't need to check in again my bags,flying wth the same company throughout the entire journey, right? Thank you!


    Yes, that should be enough time. You won't have to claim your bags since you are on an International to International connection through Miami.


    Aug 31, 2015
    I will be flying from London Heathrow-Cancun, transitting at from MIA. Both flights are with American Airlines. I have 2 hours and 10 minutes to make the connection. I am not a US citizen. Will this be sufficient time? Many thanks


    Yes, that should be enough time if your flight from London is on-time. You will not have to claim your bags in Miami as you are on an International to international connection on AA. You will have to go through US Immigration, customs, and security.


    Aug 31, 2015
    I am flying out of Wilmington NC (US Airways) to Charlotte, NC (US Airways) to Miami, FL (US Airways) with my final destination being Lima, Peru (LAN Airlines). My booking is through 2 different airlines (since LAN operates only out of certain cities in the US). I fly from US Airways from Wilmington to Charlotte, and then Charlotte to Miami. In Miami I fly LAN to Lima (with 1 hour layover in between each of those flights). My questions: With LAN, since it is US to Peru (international flight) I can only select my seat online (within 48 hours of departure) but not print out boarding passes. I will obviously already be within the "secure" or "departure" are of the airport when I arrive in Miami International Airport on my flight from Charlotte (LAN is in Concourse J). So when I arrive, where do I get my boarding passes for LAN? Do I get them at the gate of departure for my flight (Concourse J)? Any info on this would be great. Thanks.


    The whole flight is also on one ticket number. Since US Airways and LAN airlines are partners, will US Airways be able to check my passport info and print off my boarding passes for LAN Airlines?


    Yes, since everything is on the same ticket, US Airways should be able check your bags through to Lima and issue your LAN boarding pass in Wilmington. You will just have to go to Terminal J and through security in Miami (J is not connected to the US Airways/American terminals inside security).


    Thanks for info. Do you think an 1 hour and 30 minutes will be enough time to get to Concourse J and go through security in MIA?


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