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We are flying to MIA from Key West through to Toronto. If I understand correctly, when we land at MIA, we need to get from Terminal D (American Airlines) to Terminal E (West Jet), plus clear customs and security in between. Our layover is only 90 minutes between flights...we're not going to make it, are we? Thanks for any advice.
Do you have checked bags? There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
No checked bags. The trip is Key West-Miami-Toronto. When we switch terminals in Miami to catch our Toronto flight, will there be security to clear? (I'm hearing you say no customs until we land in Toronto?). Thanks, ZAP!
There is a walkway inside security from D to E - you can go directly to your departure gate.
I fly out of Budapest - London - Miami (BA 1526) - to San Juan (British Airways all the flights on one reservation) and my question is, I have to pick up my luggage upon arrival in Miami, then go through immigration, customs and control secuirty, then again my check-in luggage for the next flight to San Juan and find your gate? I have four hours layover, that should be enough.? thanks
Where is the nearest immigration control at my arrival?
Yes, you have the procedure correct. That is plenty of time. Your flight to San Juan will be operated by American. You will be directed to the Immigration checkpoint after you arrive in Miami (at US airports everyone HAS to go through immigration after they arrive on an International flight).
Going to Bimini on silver airlines which are G gates. Can I goto the centurion lunge?
The Centurion Lounge is located in Concourse D. Concourse G is not connected to any other concourses inside security.
Flying with AA from London to Guatemala via MIA. Do we have to go through immigration and security or can we simply find our departure gate? Do we have to recheck our baggage? The transit time is 1:50
Yes, you have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. You don't have to do anything with your bags since it is an International to International connection on AA through Miami. You have enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi, looking at a flight from PUJ to MIA with a 1 hour window until I connect to SJO. It sounds like I need to get through customs and security - is it possible in just an hour?
Realistically no, that is not possible.
HI, if my flight arrives in Miami at 1:15pm, would i have time to get to my flight to LIMA ar 4pm? I would still have to get my bags first.
Is the first flight domestic or International?
hi i would like to ask if my fligth is mia to grand caymand island (connecting fligth) and my layover is 2hrs do i need transit visa? Here's my connecting fligth singapore-london-miami-grand caymand by the way im filipino citizen
Yes, if you are a Filipino citizen you need a US Transit Visa.
I'm traveling from jamaica going to Puerto Plata,Dominican Republic but my flight will stop in miami before departing to dominican. Will I need a Miami visa to connect to my next flight.
Natty, If you are a Jamaican or Dominican citizen then you need a US Transit Visa.
Need to go from American Express Centurion Lounge to and from Concourse G. What's the best route and time to and from? Is this transportation behind the security screen line do we don't have to go in and out?
Concourse G is not connected to any other concourses inside security.
Thanks. So that means the train between all the concourses are outside the security entrances?
I'm due to arrive from Barbados into Mia at 11.49am then fry onto JFK at 13.35pm is this enough time to catch second flight.
Yes, that is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
LRM, there is no train between all concourses in Miami.
My AA flight from BOS arrives to Terminal N, gate D10, but my flight to MGA leaves from Terminal CE gate E7. Will I need to clear security going from terminal N to terminal CE? I suspect the answer is yes but am hoping someone can confirm. Thank you!!!
There is a walkway inside security between D and E. You do not have to go through security.
Hi I am traveling from Atlanta to go to Trinidad but I have to layover in Miami for about 2 hours what is the procedure to go on the flight when I reach Miami
If both flights are on American all you have to do in Miami on your way to Trinidad is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have plenty of time.
Yes they are both American airlines Will my luagge be in Trinidad already or in Miami
Your luggage will fly on the same flights as you, you won't have to claim it in Miami.
I am flying with American Airlines from San Juan to Sydney via Miami to LA. The connection from landing in Miami from Sam Juan to the flight to LAX is only 1 hour. The travel agency has said that AA have stated it is a "guaranteed connection time" (whatever that really means) and that it is possible to do. Is this realistic? Also will our bags be checked in from San Juan straight through to Sydney or will they need to be collected in Miami?
Am i right to assume we don't have to go through US customs in Miami?
Yes, that is possible, flights from Puerto Rico to the mainland are considered domestic flights. All you have to do in Miami is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You won't see your bags until you get to Sydney.
That sounds great, thanks for your advice, much appreciated.