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We will arrive in Miami from St. Maarten at 7 p.m. and our connecting flight, all one itinerary on AA, leaves the following morning at 830 a.m.. When we arrive in Miami, then go through immigration and customs, can we recheck our luggage then instead of hauling it with us to a hotel we will spend the night in, or do we have to take our luggage with us and recheck it before our flight?
our continuation flight is to Denver.
No, you will have to take your bags with you and re-check it in the morning.
We will be arriving from LHR on sat 15th Oct , with a connection to Tampa. We have booked wheelchair assistance in Miami, my question is ! will the assistance help us thruogh customs and security and take us to our next gate for flight to Tampa.
yes, the assistance will take you as far as you need to go.
Flying AA phl to mia with 70 minutes to make connection on to St. Lucia. All on AA. Is 70min enough time?
Yes, all you have to do in Miami on your way to St. Lucia is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Flying to Orlando on Dec 18th and have only two hours to make this connection at the MIA airport. Is that enough time to do that?
Where are you flying into Miami from and what airlines are you flying?
After connecting in Miami, we are flying to Orlando, Fl. In fact, our airline just changed our itinerary so we only have 1 hour and 40 minutes to make the connection. We're flying in first class, I don't know if that will expedite the connection,
Where are you flying into Miami FROM?
Costa Rica
OK, then that will be a fairly difficult connection but may be OK if you're in First class. In Miami you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate.
Hi, I am flying with American AIrlines from Havana, Cuba landing in Miami 10:38am. My next flight (also American Airlines) is at 12:38pm from Miami to New Orleans. Do I have enough time to go through customs etc? I am travelling with 3 friends also.
travelling from orlando to miami via AA then transatlantic with BA
due to arrive miami 8.30 with a 10pm BA flight
as i booked domestic flight separate it appears i have to reclaim bags in miami and bag drop to BA they won't check my bags all the way through
BA and AA think we have time to to re check bars but I'm not confidenent
i will have online checked in but i still feel this might be too short a time to get bags to desk. can anyone tell me howf far bag drop desks for BA are from AA baggage claim and if bag drops stay open later than check in desks getting worried now as being one world members i just assume we could link the booking re our suitcases any advice would be appreciated
You do not have time to claim bags, re-check them, and go through security.
There is a 6pm flight that lands at 7.10 giving me just under 3 hrs would that be enough time
If so I'm going to contact our travel agent who booked these flights and get them to try to change flights
Thank you for your help
Traveling from Trinidad and landing in Miami on a 6:52pm with a 8;10pm flight to Houston--will have carry on bag and have global entry card-status with airline
should also add that both flights are American Airlines
With global entry and no checked bags this isn't downright impossible, but it will still depend on everything going smoothly.
I am arriving in Miami from Saint Maarten on Sunday 10/9 American Airlines flight 2219 at 6:49 PM. I have to go through customs and have nothing checked, only carry on. I have a connecting flight with the same American Airlines flight 113 that departs at 8:28 PM. Will I have enough time to go through customs and make the connection? Please say yes, or just barely. If not, what is the average wait time to get through customs with only carry on, so that I can plan accordingly?
Yes, that should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Thank you so much ZAP. My fingers are crossed.
I'm flying through Miami from Panama City to Virginia. American Airlines just changed my Jan 3 flight and shortened my layover. It is currently 1 hour and 51 minutes. Will that give me enough time to get through customs and to my connection flight? Also, will it go faster if I do not check any bags?
It's not impossible, but it won't be easy either. Yes, it will be faster if you don't check bags.
Arriving to mia on 10/7 at 2pm from ecuadir throuh latam and have a domwstic fligjt by 450pm AA to Atlanta andI have 1 bagage to register. Can I make it?
DOM, I think you have just enough time if the LATAM flight is on-time.
arriving in Miami from Santa Clara, Cuba on 11/22 (tues of Thanksgiving week) on American airlines. We have a connecting flight to Denver on United airlines with 1 hour 20 minute connection time. Is it likely we will retrieve bags, clear customs, recheck bags and get to gate in time for Denver flight?
No, you have no chance of making that.