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All flights booked on single ticket with AA/Qantas.
Arrive Miami from Belize (International flight) at 15:50pm and depart to LAX (Domestic flight) at 17:25, before connecting onto a flight to Brisbane (international).
Is my understanding of the process correct:
Bag will be tagged in Belize all the way through to Brisbane. On arrival in Miami, pass through immigration, collect bags, pass through customs, place bag on a carousel just outside customs and go to domestic departure gate. Bags will next be seen in Brisbane (i.e. no need to collect/drop in LAX)
Yes, you have it correct, except you missed the part where you will have to go through security in between re-checking your bags and going to your departure gate.
What is the fastest way to get our bags from baggage claim and checked into international flight
What airlines?
my 15-year old will be traveling unaccompanied from the DC area (BWI, IAD or DCA) to Santiago. If she connects in Miami and sticks with AA, how much time will she need for the connection? will she need go through security again in Miami (to get to international departure)? thank you.
She will not have to go through security again in Miami - just go from her arrival gate to her departure gate. An hour is sufficient time on the way to Santiago.
Hi My daughter is flying from Miami to Barbados on a 6pm flight. She needs to get to the airport from Orlando and there is a flight that arrives in Miami at 4.45 pm. Is this a realistic option? Other wise she has a 6 hour wait if she gets the flight before. She only has hand baggage and is a British citizen Thanks in advance for advice!
Forgot to say both are AA flights
Yes, the 4:45 PM arrival with just hand luggage would be doable.
I'm FINALLY flying into MIA from St Kitts on AA and arrive at 7:04pm. I'm trying to avoid a 12 hr layover in the airport by booking an 8:23pm flight to Denver. I've read through the threads about customs, immigration, and going through TSA again. Might I have some concise directions in order to navigate the airport with utmost efficiency? Thank you!
It's not realistic that you'd make a 79 minute International to Domestic connection in Miami. You have the directions more or less correct.
I arrive in Miami at 7:00 pm on Delta. I need to be at the AA to Santo Domingo for a 7:45 pm flight. No checked bags. I am also a clear member. Is this possible?
AA=American Airlines
Realistically, no, that's not possible.
Ok Thanks for your honesty. Is it because of security?
I am looking to change my initial flight from Atlanta now.
Yes, because you have to go practically across the entire airport and then through security again.
I booked a flight for my son from AA. AA proposed this connection. He will fly from HAM to LHR (carried out by BA), then from LHR London Heathrow to SJO San Jose Costa Rica with a stop in MIA Miami. (Wednesday January 10, 2018) Both flights on AA, Arrival E or D terminal, departure to San Jose D terminal.
Layover time is 1 hour 40 minutes only. I have read that this might be possible with luck as he has an ESTA wayver and might not need to collect baggage.
Will the baggage on such international to international connection will be checked through? And can he make it (immigration etc.) in 1 h 40 minutes.
He won't have to collect baggage but still has to go through US Immigration, customs, and security. He has barely enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Thanks! I think we cannot change booking. So we'll try our best and be prepared. Know fastest way from Terminal to Terminal, ask an official to help, etc. etc.
If he misses the connection anyway, will AA put him on the next available plane if it has a free seat. And will this be free of charge. I would hope so as the they proposed the connection without any warning or hint. This forum is very helpful. Thanks in advance.
Yes, if he misses his connection he will be rebooked on the next available flight to San Jose without charge.
I have family in Costa Rica flying to San Francisco do they have to get a connecting flight in miami
Their connection is however they book it. Maybe something is being lost in translation. If they haven't booked a ticket yet, you can also connect from Costa Rica to San Francisco in Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, or Phoenix year-round.
Is 50 minutes long enough to change flights in Miami? both flights are with American airlines.
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank You very much
My flight to MIA gets in at Gate E7 tomorrow at 10:12 AM. My connecting flight leaves at 10:59 AM with a 10:14 AM boarding from Gate D55. I know this is cutting it close, but is it enough time to get from one gate to another? I've never been to MIA and I don't know how big the airport is between terminals.
Forgot to mention, both flights are AA and I have no checked bags.