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I am arranging a group trip for 10 through AA. They have offered a flight from BWI arriving Miami at 2:37; connection for Quito leaves at 3:35. Our return flight from Guayaquil arrives Miami 11:59 and connector leaves for BWI at 1:40. Both sound a bit tight (considering customs on return). AA says these will work - is that realistic? Thanks
On the way to Quito that is enough time, the return is indeed a little optimistic.
Hi there, I'm wondering whether the following transit is doable (both flights American Airlines):
Flight from SJO, Costa Rica, lands MIA at 3.45pm
Connecting flight to BCN departs 6.00pm
I'm a British national - not sure yet whether I will have just hand luggage or checked luggage.
Will this be enough time to go through all security etc., or completely unrealistic?
Thanks in advance!
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hi, I found an AA flight from London that arrives 15:05. After that, I would like to take another AA flight of 17:35 to Port of Spain. Would this work timewise?
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Great, thanks!
I'm flying with my husband and 3 kids (youngest is 5) from Minneapolis to Rio, Brazil with a connection at MIA. Both American airlines flights. 58 minute connection. Am I crazy to think this would work? Haven't bought the ticket yet, but it's by far the cheapest.
American Airlines 4712 arrives at MIA at 9:47pm
American Airlines 905 leaves MIA at 10:45pm

That is enough time. On the way to Brazil all you have to do in Miami is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
AA just changed my flight to 1532 arriving 11:14 am 12/23/17 and my connecting flight 2454 to Belize City leaving 12:25 pm. My original flight had 2 hours between flights and I can't miss my connecting one.
If the first flight is domestic that is enough time.
Thanks for getting back to me - the first flight is indeed domestic.
AA have changed our flight time from ANU so we now have 2hours 10 mins transit time only in Miami. Arriving at 19.10; departing 21.20. On UK passports, will this be enough or should we request a change to the next day flight?
Hello folks there is an AA flight from Bridgetown (BGI) Barbados – Miami (MIA) 3:44 PM – 7:44 PM and a connection to Miami (MIA) – Madrid (MAD) 9:30 PM – 12:05 PM+1 with Air Europa on Friday Oct 13th. So Do you think is it possible? Thanks in advance.
No, that is not possible.
I arrive in Mia from Bolivia at 13.00 and the I have a connecting flight with Tap airlines to Fra at 16.00. Do I have enough time to pick my luggage and check them again?
That is barely enough time if everything goes perfectly
I fly into Miami on AA, need to grab my bags at baggage claim, and then hit check in, security and Terminal for Delta international flight. I arrive at 2:33... international flight is at 6:15. Is this enough time given the current situation?
Yes, that should be enough time. There is no "current situation".
thank you!
All flights booked on single ticket with AA/Qantas.
Arrive Miami from Belize (International flight) at 15:50pm and depart to LAX (Domestic flight) at 17:25, before connecting onto a flight to Brisbane (international).
Is my understanding of the process correct:
Bag will be tagged in Belize all the way through to Brisbane. On arrival in Miami, pass through immigration, collect bags, pass through customs, place bag on a carousel just outside customs and go to domestic departure gate. Bags will next be seen in Brisbane (i.e. no need to collect/drop in LAX)
Yes, you have it correct, except you missed the part where you will have to go through security in between re-checking your bags and going to your departure gate.