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I'm flying from Grand Cayman to Miami (I can choose either AA arriving 9.25am, or Cayman Airways arriving 9.40am), and then Miami to Curacao (on AA departing 11.17am). The cost is much cheaper if I do the first leg on Cayman Airways but I am worried about my checked baggage. Would Cayman Airways be able to check the bag through from Cayman the whole way to Curacao, without me having to pick it up in Miami? And would the connection time/process be the same in Miami, regardless of which airline I choose for the first leg?
No, Cayman Airways would not be able to check your bags through to American and you'd have to claim them to go through US Customs. If you did it all on one booking on American that's possible but still somewhat risky. Otherwise it wouldn't be possible.
we arrive on April15th at 3:15 pm with Austrian from Vienna (OS97) and we have connection with AA to Quito (AA939) at 5:40pm. Do we have to check out our luggage and if yes, is there a possibility to get through security and check in at a fast lane? we are afraid of not getting to our Terminal in time. thanks for your answer.
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags with American, and go through security. There is no priority lanes in the US for people with short connections. You have just enough time if everything goes perfectly.
I am flying United out of Miami, how can I access the priority pass lounges or the centurion lounge prior to my flight leaving?
You can't. Terminal G that United uses is not connected inside security to any other terminals.
Hi, we will land at 4:15pm from LHR on AA and leave again on AA at 5:55pm - AA tells us that min connection time is 1.5hours, so we should be ok from this perspective, however I think this is highly risky - any suggestions on how to cut down connection time? Cut the lines like an a**hole?
Yes, that is fairly risky. An option to save time would be to not check bags.
I am flying from IND to MIA on May 13th on AA and getting in at 2:47pm. I am then flying from MIA to FLR on Iberia at 5:15pm. Because I did not book the flights together, will I need to recheck my bags and go through security again? If so, will I have enough time?
Since AA and Ibera are OneWorld partners you should be able to show your Iberia confirmation to the agent in Indianapolis and have your bags tagged through to Florence. Otherwise you should still have enough time to transfer them yourself in Miami if you have to.
Hi. I'm arriving from Rio with LATAM, at Terminal J I think, and then connecting to the American Airline flight to Barbados, at Terminal D or E. I have over 4 hours for the connection, so I guess that's plenty of time.

I know that I have to go through immigration and pick up my bag, and then have to check in at the AA desk.

My questions are: how easy is it get from J to D/E ? And can I access other airline lounges (eg British in Term E) whilst I kill time ?
It's not too hard to get from J to D. There are signs to D/E. If you are Oneworld Emerald or above or traveling Business class you can access the American lounges in D, otherwise you would have to pay for lounge access.
Many thanks for the fast and helpful response
How far and how long?!
About 20 minutes, but you will have to go through security again in D.
I am flying in from San Jose, Costa Rica, on AA arriving at 12:24 p.m. on a Saturday. Can I make a 2:12 AA flight to LGA?

Thanks for any advice!
It's not impossible, but will be pretty difficult.
We arrive and depart from a gate at D but have 2_3 hours layover. Can we walk to a lounge at F or J without passing thru immigration etc? If so, which is better?
Where are you flying from and to? D is not connected to F or J inside security.
Hi, I'm traveling from LAX to MIA to POS (Trinidad) my flight from LAX is at 9am arriving at 4:57pm in Miami. My flight to POS is at 6:11pm that leaves me with a layover of 1hr 14 mins, do you think that is enough timer or connection or should I try to switch to an earlier flight? Also if I arrive from LAX at terminal E do I have to go back through security?
Sorry I meant if that was enough time for the connection, and also if I arrive from LAX to Miami at terminal E, if I would have to go through security to make my POS connecting flight.