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I am arriving on March 20 at 4:35 am from GIG to MIA. I only have a carry on. I have a connecting flight with United at 6:10am. Is this possible? Thanks!
I am travelling from London to Dom republic via Miami with American Airlines. Will I have to clear customs & immigration as have only 2 hours?
Hi, I will be returning home to BOS from Guatemala City (GUA), with a connection in Miami. Is 2 hours enough time between flights? I know I have to go through customs, will I have to re-enter security as well? The flights are both on American Airlines.
We have 50 minutes on a flight from Newark to Miami connecting for a flight to Turks and Caico's. I know this is close, but is it in the same terminal? All American Airlines.
Hello, We've booked flights through American Airlines website from Havana to George Town via Miami where we transit for 2 hours (First flight AA, second flight AA but Operated by Republic Airlines AS American Eagle). Do you know if we have to claim and recheck our bags and if 2 hours will be sufficient on a Sunday at around 1pm? Thank you!!
Hi there, I am flying from Atlanta to Miami to London, all with British Airways. I have 55 mins to catch the connecting flight to London, any ideas on if I'll be able to make it?
I am flying with BA London to MIA and then
Miami to Orlando with AA all on a single booking. BA have allowed 1 hour 45 minutes between flights. Is this enough time to clear customs, baggage reclaim and make the Orlando flight?
We are flying from London via Miami to Belize with American Airlines. Do we have to recheck our gold baggage?
I am flying with American from Guadeloupe arrival into Miami at 1814. There is a connection to Cancun, also with American, departing Miami at 1945. Can American interline the baggage through to Cancun and is 1.5hrs enough time to connect
Quick one for the MIA specialists. I am arriving on SK (Scandinavian) from OSL at concourse H. Connection to AA to Havana. Separate tix and the connection time is 1 hour 25 minutes. Is it at all doable? I am in Business on the arriving flight so will be first off the plane and I have only carry-on luggage...