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I'm travelling BA from San Juan Intl to London Heathrow via Miami on May 18 2017. Will I have to collect luggage at Miami and is 3 hours long enough?
Your first flight will be on American. flights between Puerto Rico and the mainland US are considered domestic flights. If both flights are on the same reservation all you have to do in Miami is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I'm going to take the following flights in November 2017: UIO-MIA (connection time 2.5 hr) - DFW ( connection time 1hr 19min)- HKG. Please kindly advice if connection time would be enough and if claiming of checked luggage required.
Also for internal flight MIA to DFW, would the hand carry restrictions different from the international flight?
Thank you
You will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate. American has the same carry-on limits for domestic and international flights. You should have enough time.
I'm in a similar situation. When I get through customs does it takes a lots of minutes to get to AA desk to re-check?
I have 3 hours between my connection flights. I bought both tickets at AA separately because was cheaper.
But there is Web info mentioning about ITI luggage arrangement in MIA and DFW that checked luggage now can be delivered directly between international destinations and no need to claim and recheck?
Yes, if both flights are on AA you can do that. It's still a very difficult connection and you still have to go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security. Sorry I missed that before.
Actually no, because your next flight is to DFW and not an International flight, you WILL have to claim your bags in Miami.
So I think it will be a rush . Hope there will be AA staff helping us.
Hi..my BCN flight lands at 3:20PM (scheduled) on AA and I am wanting to get a 6:30 PM flight on United that same day. Is that enough time to clear customs or should I go for the flight on the next day.
That should be just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Hello, I am flying from Santo Domingo Dominican Republic to Miami that arrives at 9:40 am, I have a connecting flight to the Bahamas at 12:40 pm. I am not checking any bags and I am a US citizen. Will I have enough time to make that transfer?
Yes, that should be enough time.
Hi. First time travelling through the US. Cancun-miami then we have 1 hour 35 minute between to the next flight miami-madrid. So international to international and bags will be checked all the way through since it's one full trip back and forth.

I've seen that some dont think 1.35 is enough between flights. But the companys wouldn't sell tickets if they are impossible to make.

AA said it is "enough time" so.

What's everyones experience when going through Miami? The date will be 30th dec 2017.

What's the procedure? Arriving at miami from cancun, disembark -> passport immigrant check customs and then on to the next flight?

1 hr 35 minutes is pretty risky. You will go through US Immigration, Customs, and Security in Miami. Chances are the schedule will change before December anyway, so your 1 hr 35 minute connection time isn't finalized.
Ok thanks. Yeah let's hope they do a minor change so we get some more time. I've talked to both AA and AY(iberia flight but on finnair codeshare) and they all say it's enough time (based on the standard mct ofcourse) but they say if the AA inboundflight is delayed we can get rebooked. I mean if they sell me a ticket with a specified time and it's ok on the paper one would assume they'll fix it if it's not our fault we dont make it.

ZAP, do you work at MIA? How is the airport nowadays?
I do not work there.
Amer. Airlines - From Dominican Republic to Miami - change planes to Tampa, Fl. do I clear customs in Miami or Tamp?
You will go through US Immigration, customs, and security in Miami.
I'm flying from San Jose Costa Rica to Toronto, with a connection in Miami (American airlines) with carry on luggage. Can I purchase liquor in San Jose airport? Thanks
No, you can't purchase liquor in the San Jose Airport as you won't be able to take it though security in Miami.
Whats the best and cheapest transportation between MIA to FLL?
The only way that won't take forever is a taxi, which will unfortunately cost about $50.
Hi Im travelling from Copenhagen to Miami and my flight arriving at 2 pm. I plan to book a flight to Jacksonville (FL) at that give me a transfer time of 2 hr 20 min. Do you think that is enough time to a connection flight domestic?
Personally, with 2 separate reservations I'd want at least 3 hours, especially if you'll have checked bags.
Hi, we are booked to fly to Miami from the U.K arriving at 15.00, then have an ongoing flight to Orlando at 17.25. This was all booked with one airline but now we have realised have to clear security and immigration in Miami not Orlando. Is this a realistic amount of time in order to get the connection. If not are there lots of American Airlines flights to Orlando if we miss it.
Yes, that is enough time. There should be at least two later flights from Miami to Orlando on American if you do miss your connection.
Thanks for that, are there normally spaces on the flights.?!!! Also do we have to collect our luggage and then recheck it in or does it get forwarded internally
You will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate. Whether or not there will be space on the later flight really depends on when you are traveling (time of year and day of week).