Parking Options at San Jose Mineta Airport

To pick up a passenger at Mineta Airport, you can use the free Cell Phone Waiting Lot, situated on both sides of the Airport Parkway - beween Technology Drive & the the Hwy 87 crossover - and conveniently between Terminals A & B.  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the curb (no other services available there.
Alternatively, 1-hour Express Parking spaces are available at Hourly Lot 2 (for Terminal A) and Lot 5 (for Terminal B) at posted rates.
Meeters/Greeters for Terminal B may also park on level 1of  Hourly Lot 5 and Surface Lot.

For parking space availability, call 408-441-5570.

Other Parking Options & Fees at Mineta Airport:  While each of the terminals has its own parking garage, Terminal B has also open-air Lots 4, 5 & 6 close to, or nearby.
    Hourly Lot 2 (Terminal A Garage at 2075 Airport Blvd.) - attached to Terminal A, has presently 1,285 spaces, with 30 accessible spaces located on levels 1-3, and 71 one-hr express parking spaces.
Fees: each 20 minute segment $2; up to daily max $30, and each day thereafter $30.
    Hourly Lot 3 (Rental Car Center Garage) across from Terminal on street level & inside of the Rental Car Center, has presently 664 spaces, 43 of which are accessible. Its entrance is on the north side of the Rental Car Center; continuous shuttles run to/from Terminal A.
Fees: every 20 min segment $2; up to daily max $30, and each day thereafter $30.
    Hourly Lot 5 is south of Terminal B and accessed through the baggage claim doors of the rminal. It has currently 546 spaces, 36 of which for for 1-hr Express Parking, 3 spaces are for motorcycles and 8 spaces for charging electric vehicles. Shuttle run to/from Terminal B  4:30am-12:30pm daily. 
Fees: each 20 minute segment $2, up to daily max $30, and each day thereafter $30.
    Daily Lot 4 is south of the Rental Car Center Garage with entrance on east side of lot from Airport Blvd. Shuttles run every 10 mins to/from both Terminals A & B. It has currently 400 parking spaces, however it has no accessible spaces (both garages A & B do have acessible spaces for ADA-eligible drivers at $15/day.  Shuttes run to/from Terminals A & B about every 10 mins.
Fees: each 20-minute segment $2; up to daily max $22.
    Daily Lot 6 is on the west side of Airport Bld, south of Terminal B and the Hourly Lot 5. It has presently 961 spaces. A shuttle runs to/from Terminal B 4:30am-12:30pm daily.
Fees: each 20-minute segment $2; up to daily max $22, 
    Economy Lot 1 at 2300 Airport Blvd., with 1,673 spaces,  is past Terminal A and served by shuttles every 10-12 mins/ 24/7.
Fees: a flat rate of $15/day
    Accessible Parking is available in hourly lot 2 &3.
Fees:  every 20 mins segment $2; daily max $15, and each day thereafter $15.
Payment options use cash at pay stations, or credit card at exit lanes.  There is no cashier on duty.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are located on level 1 of Hourly Lot 2 (Terminal A and International Arrivals garage), and Hourly Lot 5 next to Terminal B. All charging stations are free (on a first-come, first-serve basis). Regular parking fees of the associated parking lot apply.  The Hourly Lot 2 garage for Terminal A has both conductive & inductive hook-ups; while Hourly Lot 5 has 8 charging stations with conductive hookups.

San Jose Mineta (SJC) Airport Parking Map

San Jose Mineta SJC airport parking map HourlyHourly

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