Parking Options at Minneapolis-St Paul Airport

To pick up an arriving passenger at MSP Airport, you have two options: either use the Cell Phone Lot on Post Road, marked light green, (and wait until your party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb), or you can park in the short-term ramp and meet your party (at both terminals) at pre-security cafe shops or the baggage claim - or  - (at Lindbergh Terminal) in the ticketing lobby at the Houlihan's restaurant. 
All Parking options can be reached via 34th Av. South

Parking Options at Minneapolis-St. Paul International: 
Parking at Lindbergh Terminal 1
is available at green, yellow, blue & red ramps located inside the square surrounding Concourses C & D to G, and accessible via Glumack Drive, a left-lane exit from Hwy 5.  Also, Concourses C & G are connected by airbridge, the center of which is directly accessible from the Red & Blue parking ramps (security check can be done right there).
Parking at Humphrey Terminal 2
is available at orange (Value) & Purple (Short-term & Park Elite), and is accessilbe from 34th Av. South.

1. Covered Short-term parking
(under 11 hours) is available at both T1 & T2. At T1 it is connection by underground tram on level T. At T2 it is conncted by skyway.  Current fees: First hr $5, 1-2 hrs $8, each add'l hr up to 8 hrs $1.
2. Covered General parking (over nine hours) is available at T1's general parking ramps. The Green and Gold ramps are connected to T1 by skyways on Level 3. The Red and Blue ramps are connected to T1 by underground tram on level T.  EV charging stations are on level 8 of Red & Blue Ramps.  Current fees: daily max $22.
3. Multi-level Value Parking saves you money;  it is connected to T2 via skyway on Level 2 and to T1 via light rail.  Current fees: $16/day.
4. As of Jan. 2015, new 2-level Quick-Ride Ramp with 1,400 spaces near Terminal 1 is available, with quick shuttle ride to/from terminal - priced at about $14/day.
5. Long-term alternative parking (3-day minimum, 16-day max.) in downtown Minneapolis is available at 'Ramp-Ride-Fly', Ramp C, where you can pick up the light rail directly to your terminal.  Fees: First day $10; each add'l day $3.
6. Valet Parking: Only available at T1 (follow signs past rental car return ramp from inbound roadway). An electronic check-in kiosk for Delta  customers is inside of  the Valet lounge. Current fees : Each hr $10; up to daily max $40.
7.  ePark Elite is best for business travelers /frequent flyers and guarantees parking space availability, with touchless payment. EPark offers automated entrances/exits. Elite ZipPass at the ePark may be shared between individuas & cars.  Membership is currently $65/month. For e-Park Elite information, call 612-726-5650 oe-mail:

For more parking information call 1-877-359-7275.

Minneapolis-St Paul (MSP) Airport Parking Map

Minneapolis-St Paul MSP airport parking map Long TermValet

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