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Careful!!!! They just sold me a previously opened (and then taped) bag of pretzel for $2.49. Illegal, unethical and simply unbelievable.
Horrible service and food! Menu item did not come as ordered. Waitress had an attitude when I told her the order was wrong. I ordered no meat on the omlet. She took it back and brought a new one. I was almost finished eating, and I found large pieces of ham at the end. When I told her about it, she just took the plate and never returned.
Charley's.... there was hair in my food!
For almost $20 for a ckn sandwich with meat fillers, a drink, and chips...highly disappointed. What was more disgusting was the service and hostility of the cashier and cook. I was handed a sandwich and set it down to pay. Someone walked off with it and was told to chase after it. Not my fault the cashier gave it to the wrong person. Then they handed me what was suppose to be my sandwich....not my sandwich. Don't spend your money here at La tapenade...go to caribou for a better and cheaper lunch. Their service is by far better and deserving of your hard earned money
Is there a store at the airport where we can purchase a small bottle of distilled water for use in a CPAP sleep machine? Obviously would have to be past the security check point.
I have never seen such a thing in an airport.
Is there and airport hotel?
There are no hotels literally on airport property. There are several hotels nearby.
Are there any restaurants before security for someone to eat breakfast? Meeting a friend with a long layover and do not want to leave airport.
MinniBar at G2 has the friendliest employes. They made our four hour layover actually relaxing. Great food as well.
Are there any PRE SECURITY restaurants to meet travelers other than fast food places?
At MSP, between Concourses F & G is the Itasca Grille.
You have to go thru security to get anywhere in the concourse areas.
My father is traveling from LAX to northern Minnesota. Flying on Southwest Airlines and needs to connect to Delta Airlines in the MSP airport. What type of wheelchair assistance is available from different airlines through the MSP airport. I would want him to be assisted from Southwest Flight to Delta flight (gate to gate).
1. Contact at MSP: - ADA Coordinator.