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Using today's flights as a guide, it looks like my MCO-MSP Delta flight will land in Concourse "F" and the MSP-YVR leg depart from "C" (75 min later). So, I'll just have to hoof it from F to C, correct? Does one have to go thru TSA again?
All Delta gates are connected inside security. It shouldn't take more than 15 minutes to get between gates.
Hi, my mother in-law will be flying from Canada to South Africa with a South African passport. Does she require a visa of some sort to fly through the US with a short layover?
Yes, she will need a US Transit Visa.
Fastest way from f4 to A4
Follow signs and walk. Gates in MSP aren't as far apart as they look.
I am going to fly from Edmonton, Canada to Atlanta, the transfer time in MSP is 1 hour and 8 minutes. Do you think that's enough for me to go through the custom and recheck my bags?
I hold an F1 visa, and I have one check in baggage. Delta said it would be fine, but i have a feeling that they do not know the situation as well as you guys.
I am going to fly in tomorrow. Thanks
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Edmonton. All you have to do in MSP is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
My mother may need assistance flying from Amsterdam to MSP then to a connecting flight to further fly to PHX.
She has 1 hour and 20 minutes to go through customs and on to her connecting flight. Will that give her enough time, and does MSP airport have assistance to help her through customs, and get to her connecting flight?
Yes, that is enough time. There is no specific assistance for that unless she is handicapped.
Distance between b and f concourse
Less than 15 minute walk.
Hello, I have a minor who is 16 traveling alone from Atlanta to Haneda, Japan. He has a 50 minute layover in MSP. Will he have enough time to get from gate to gate? Both are on Delta so I think the terminal is the same, so he shouldn't need to go through security, bags will be checked through from Atlanta so no worries there. Just concerned about him getting from one gate to the other in 50 minutes.
Yes, all he has to do on the way to Japan is walk from his arrival gate to his departure gate. Tell him to just follow the signs.
3 questions. My 16 year old son who does not speak fluent English will be flying from Japan to San Antonio, TX. He has a connecting flight in MSP with a 3 hour layover. All flights are on Delta. Question 1) MSP airport immigration is done on computer screens or still the immigration paper and turned in to an agent? Question 2) 3 hours is enough time to get through immigration, pick up luggage, walk through customs, immediately re-check bags, and find connecting gate? Question 3) He won't have to go through security again since it's still Delta?
Thanks for your help.
They have kiosks that he can use if he is a US Citizen or repeat ESTA user. If he is entering on a visa or is using ESTA for the first time, he has to see an agent. Yes, 3 hours is enough time. Yes, he will have to go through security again as he will be outside security after he clears customs. Security lines at MSP are typically short.
Zap, thanks for your reply. He qualifies for the kiosk but I'll have him see an agent. Since he has to go through security again will the terminal be the same or is he going to need to ride the train to another terminal?
It's all the same terminal. The kiosk will be easier and faster, a 16 year old can figure it out.
Just want to know, if Delta terminal near the Terminal for 'Canadair Air DBA Delta connection ' ? flying from LAX to Moline IA with hour and a half layover at MSP.
Canadair is a type of airplane. Your flight is Delta Connection and for your purposes the same as a regular Delta flight. You have plenty of time for your connection.
going from Delta terminal to a conecting flight terminal for Canadair, DBA Deltaconnection, how far are these two terminals ?