Montevideo Carrasco (MVD) Airport

Montevideo Carrasco MVD Airport Overview

Montevideo Carrasco International Airport MVD is Urguguay's (South America) primary airport serving its capital city of Montevideo and the Canelones region.  The Airport is operated by Puerta del Sur SA.

The Airport is located In Punta del Sur, and is only 5 km from the city of Montevideo, acccessible via National Routes 101,  Route 1B (Ruta Interbalnearia) & Route 102.

With two runways and an estimated 1.8 million passengers per annum, Carrasco Airport is served by some major airlines, offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

NOTE: Boarding fees in US dollars: International $36; flights to Buenos Aires $17; domestic flights $2.
You can now complete all required entry/departure forms over the internet, saving time and inconvenience.

The spectacular passenger terminal at Carrasco Airport, opened in 2009 - appearing like a giant UFO - is able to handle 4 million passengers a year, with four jetways to the  boarding gates,  accessible from the mezzanine level (entrepiso). Independent access roads serve departures on the first levell and arrivals on the ground level, covered by a rounded roof canopy. To make an even more visual impact, an open atrium next to the street entrance opens the ground floor of the terminal to the monumental space of the main hall, linking the start and end stages of the trip through the airport both visually and spatially.
    The Arrivals level on the ground floor houses baggage claim, rental car counters, information, and other services; 
    The Departures level houses check-in counters to the East & West  of the public hall - Check-in counters for American, TAM, GOL & Aerolineas Argentinas are at the East side; and check-in counters for Sol + Pluna are at the West Side.  After checking in, go through Security control, & Immigration and arrive at the Concourse center with duty-free shops - with access to east gates 5 to 8 and west gates 4 to 1.
Services and amenities inside the passenger terminal include restaurants, bars, shops & duty-free shops, HSBC bank branch & ATM machines, ANTEL communications, Global Exchange foreign exchange desks, True Star luggage wrapping, and travel agents Abtour & Jorge Martinez). The 'Belvedere Terrace" offers a peaceful environment where the weary traveler can relax.
A VIP Club is located both in Arrivals and Departures areas (tel: 598 2 6040329 Ext. 1600 - or use: reservas@aeropuertosvipclub.comuy). The 'Fast-Pass' makes checking in for members of the VIP Club a breeze by affording them preferred treatment at the passport and security control by merely swiping their card at the designated space in the departure hall, and upon their return in the arrivals hall.

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