Getting from Carrasco Airport to your destination:
Airport-authorized taxis are available in front of the passenger terminal, or by calling 604-0323 /0188. 

Bus companies serving the Airport:
  - C.O.P.S.A., tel: 1975; e-mail: info@cot.com.uy - or visit:  www.copsa.com.uy;
  - COT S.A.- Aeropuerto:  tel. 598-2-600-3195 (at Tres Cruces tel. 598-2-409-4949); email: info@cot.com.uy, or visit: www.cot.com.uy;
  - Cutcsa, tel: 598-2-204-0000, e-mail: cac@cutcsa.com.uy, or visit:  www.cutcsa.com.uy.

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