Getting from Montpellier-Mediterranee Airport to your destination: The taxi rank is at the Arrivals Hall exit, gate A (Tel: 04 67 20 65 29).  Public transport is availlable by train, tramway or airport shuttle. 
The TaM public bus & tramway site can be found at  (www) montpelier-agglo.com/tam, or call +33 4 67 22 8787 for information & time tables.

TaM's Airport Shuttle Line 120 bus to Place de l’Europe Tramway Station makes stops in between at Hotel de Ville, Antigone & Leon Blum. At the Tram Station you can pick up Tramway Line 1 'Odysseum', stopping at the Montpellier St. Roch Railway Station, with fruther rail connections .

For more transport options visit Herault Transport at  herault-transport.fr or call +3 4 34 88 8999.

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