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Travelling YYZ to Yul all on Air Canada arrive at 0140 then fly to Cozumel at 0630. Will they allow us to stay in terminal or will I have to go landside and go through security again. Will bags brought to connecting flight since its overnight or will I have to claim and re check??
You'll have to ask the agent at check-in.
traveling into YUL from USA for a pet transport/delivery. Where is the inspection station located at YUL? Is it on airport property?
Will 45 minutes enough to clear customs. What happens if my flight is late, will Air Canada put on the next available flight to BCN. How far is it from the gate to customs, can we jump to the front of the line in customs since we have little time?
Flying from PHL to BCN via YUL, have a 45 minute layover. Will I be able to make my connecting flight at 8:50 PM. I land at 8:05 PM from PHL and departing flight from YUL at 8:50 PM.
Does customs take that long at night?
Travelling LAX to CDG via YUL. I have 2.5hrs layover. Will I have enough time to meet family at the departure area?
No, your family cannot meet you in the departure area (unless they are also on your flight to Paris).
I will be arriving from St.John,s Nl and catching a connecting flight to orlando,,only have 50 min. layover,,is that enough time,,do I have to get my luggage and go through us customs
Yes, you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Montreal and that involves claiming and re-checking your luggage. You should have enough time as long as your flight from St. John's is on-time.

Only have 50 min between 2 flights. Arriving in JFK from YUL in Term 2
Are you connecting in JFK? Where are you connecting to?
Only have 55 mins connection if domestic flight is on time. How long will it take to walk from domestic arrivals term M to international departures terminal 3?
You actually arrive from YUL at ORD (Chicago O'Hare Terminal). The ATS shuttle train runs every few minutes between Terminal 5's ATS level the and domestic terminals 1, 2 & 3. T5 is the international Terminal with Concourse M (M gates).
Is there time to take the express buss 747 to downtown Montreal for a quick tour? I arrive at 6:27pm, & depart at 11:00pm. How long does this bus take to get to downtown Montreal, & how much does it cost? Any suggestions where to get something to eat? A good place for a solo male traveler, moderate price, but an interesting place with great food. Not necessary to go to downtown Montreal, is there a closer place to the airport that you'd suggest? Thanks a lot!
I fly into YUL at midnight and don't fly out till 8am. Is there anything open in the airport throughout the night or is there a suggestion of where I can go in the city to do something fun (and safe)?
For amenities open during night time hours it is best to stop by at the Information counter at YUL. You may also want to contact the Marriott Hotel (tel. 514-636-6700 /fax 6600), which is connected to U.S. Departures terminal by escalator, and offers an indoor pool, a fitness & a business center. If you want to get into town a taxi takes about 20 mins. Alternatively, you can use the 747 Express Aeroport Bus bus which runs daily, 24/7, with 9 stops in each direction, including transfer stops at Lionel-Grouloux metro station, Central Station & Berri-UQAM metro station, runs every hour from 2am-5am, and offers a direct link without transfers between downtown Montreal and the Airport. The information desk may also give you advice as to 'something fun' in the city.