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Hi, I am a US citizen flying from FCO to EWR, connecting through YUL all on United Airlines. I have a two hour layover - is that enough time? Do I have to claim bags and go through Canadian customs? Thanks!
You will proceed directly to US Immigration and Customs Preclearance. You have enough time. Note that at least the first flight will be operated by Air Canada, not United.
Flying from San Francisco to Montreal on United Airlines operated by AC. We have 1 hour and 5 minutes for connection flight UA operated by AC to Rome. We only have carry on luggage, no checked luggage. Is 1 hour 5 minutes enough time to catch international departure?
Yes, that is enough time if the first flight is on-time.
I have a conecting flight from Montreal trudeau to london; my flight arrives at 19:10 and departs at 20:00; is that enough time?
Any idea what gate is the flight yo london ac864?
Thank you
Hi there. I will be flying to Amsterdam from Ottawa via Montreal with 2 different airline. The first airline from Ottawa to Montreal will be Air Canada, and then KLM from Montreal to Amsterdam. Do I need to get the KLM boarding pass once I arrived in Montreal airport? Or will I get all the boarding pass when I check in at Ottawa airport? How about my connection flight, do I need to get my luggage then check in again in Montreal airport? Fyi, my connection time will be 2 hours. Thanks!
Just a side note besides the above inquiries. This is a single reservation made through expedia. I was wondering if i need to take 2 separate boarding pass with 2 luggage checkins at both Ottawa and Montreal Airport.
if arriving at gate 76 at 6.10 pm from punta cana will we have time to get luggage do customs and get to gate A2 for a flight at 6.55 pm
That is insufficient connection time.
Do I need to collect my bag in Montreal for clearing customs flying in from USA. I have connecting domestic flight. Thanks
No, you should not.
Hi I am flying from Frankfurt to Vancouver with a connection through YUL ( with Lufthansa and AirCanada).All with the same ticket. I have 1 hour to connect, is this enough time? And will my baggage be transferred through to YVR for me or will i need to reclaim by baggage in YUL? Will i need to pass customs
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You will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in Montreal. 1 hour should be barely enough time.
Can I get from Gate A2 to 27 in time for boarding of my second flight to Quebec City? My layover time is 40min. This is my first time flying to Quebec from Vancouver.
Sorry, correction: I arrive at Gate 50 and leave from Gate A2 within 40min. Is that enough time?
That should be enough time if your first flight is on-time.
Flying Charlottetown to Montreal, Then Montreal to Orlando in November. We have 1 hour connection time. Is that enough to get through security and us Customs? Are there signs for connector flights etc?
Yes, that should be just enough time. Yes, once you arrive in Montreal you will follow signs for US Departures.
my flight from Ottawa arrives in Montreal at 19:02 and my connection to Brussels departs at 19:45, both flights with Air Canada. Will this be enough time and do i need to collect bags in Montreal?
All you have to do in Montreal is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.