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Arriving at gate 15 from Halifax and departing to Vancouver on gate A56.
Want to know how long it is to walk between gates. Thanks. A map to guide me please
I fly from PEI to Montreal to France. Do I have to retrieve my luggage to get on the Air France flight. Also, do I have to switch terminals to catch my Air France flight?
My sis and I land in seperate terminals. Her C, me A. Can we walk easily to the different terminals. I'm asking because my cell phone will now work in Canada
I am flying from Halifax to Toronto with a stop in Montreal. Layover is only 28 mins ... is this possible
Hi! We are flying from Vancouver to Venice via Montreal with 55 minutes overlay. Is that enough time and do we need to go through security check at Montreal again? Thnak you for your time.
Hello, I'm picking up passengers from AC1873 from Orlando at Trudeau airport. Do flights from the US still arrive at the domestic terminal or do I go to the international terminal?
I am flying air Canada yvr-yul-bru do I need to collect and recheck my luggage in YUL or will it be transferred straight through to BRU? I only have 45 mins before my connection flight
I'm arriving from Moncton on Air Canada (gate 23), continuing to Newark New Jersey on United Airlines (gate 81). It appears I only have 55 minutes to connect, will I make it?
That's just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I am flying Air Canada from Ottawa to Las Vegas through Montreal with a 58 minute connection time. No checked bags. Is this enough time to clear US customs?
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time.
I am flying from San Francisco to Montreal and then connecting to Ottawa as my final destination.
Can I buy duty free alcohol (large liquids) in San Francisco or will I have to go through security again in Montreal and therefore won't be able to carry on large liquids for my flight to Ottawa.