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We are flying in from the states. We are transferring to Aegean to Athens, do we have enough tme in one hour and ten minutes.
I'm arriving from Denver, then going to Geneva with only 1 hour in between. I'm afraid 1 hour isn't enough time to connect.
U.S. Citizen traveling on Lufthansa Airlines from Dublin w/ 45 MIN. stopover at MUC onto Amsterdam. Is that enough time? Also, am I correct assuming since it's a layover, a stop at Customs is NOT required?
Thank you in advance for a response.
Is 1 hour 15 minutes a long enough layover. Flying Dolomiti from Venice switching to Lufthansa to Washington DC. Do you have to go through customs in Munich
I'm contemplating a flight from NUE to Chicago on NOV 19 with a 50 minute connection time in MUC. Should that be enough time? Are the flights from NUE usually on time that time of year? Thank you.
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I will be flying from ESB to BOS on 15th July 2017 with a stop at MUC however there is a 25 minute gap between the time we land at MUC and the departure time from MUC. Will I be traveling by another plane and changing the plane I am in in that 25 minute time or will I be waiting in the plane? Thank you for your attention.
You will have to change planes in Munich and that is an extremely difficult connection unless the flight from Ankara arrives early.
We have a 1 hr layover when flying in from the US on Condor to Terminal 1, before departing Terminal 2 with Adria Airways. How likely are we to make our connection? What sort of immigration or security will we need to pass through?
Is it one reservation or two separate reservations? Also, the only place in the US flies to Munich from is Las Vegas. Are you sure you're connecting there?
It's one reservation booked through Expedia. Condor does direct flights out of SEATAC now
Once out of customs how do I get from T1 to T2
You walk straight across where the train station is to the other terminal.
I'm a US citizen traveling from Naples, IT to MUC and then on to Chicago. Flight arrives MUC at 14:35, and flight for Chicago leaves 15:30. That only leaves 55 minutes to make my connection. If everything goes smooth, will I make it? Do I have to go through customs/ immigration in MUC?
hi, did you make it? I am gonna travel with a very tight schedule as yours, with only 55 mins for the connection. I am a bit worried now...
I have the same situation in October. Did you make the connections without any problems?
Arrive Wed June 14 United Airline 106 connect to UAL 9098