Munich MUC Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Munich MUC Airport

Layout of Munich Airport Complex &Terminal Details, Munich Airport Center (MAC), Arriving/Connecting Passengers, Amenities & Services, including Airline /Airport Lounges:

The passenger terminal complex at Munich Airport presently consists currently of two passenger terminals: T1 and T2 - connected in the center on levels 3 & 4 to the Munich Airport Center (MAC). Both terminals offer a multitude of amenities and services, including free WiFi LAN for up to 30 minutes (available in the waiting areas of both terminals). 

NOTE:  1. Virtual InfoGates with life-size screens are located  throughout the Airport - passengers and visitors are - by pushing a button - linked via live videoconference with members of the Information team, giving you quick answers to your inquiries.
2. Interactive devices with touchscreens are available throughout Terminals 1 & 2, giving you details on how to get quickest to your gate, how to find your restaurant or shop, and more. 
3. Weary transit travelers may want to take a nap at the so-called 'Napcabs' located at Terminal 2, leel 5, near gates H32, & at level 4 next to gate G06.
4. Transfer passengers:
Screens at arrivals gates display onward connections - follow the arrow .
5. Passengers are able to wander through an outdoor plaza hosting exhibits and performances, or visit an outdoor terrace.


Terminal 1 handles all non-members of the Star Alliance, except GermanWings 4U & Condor DE - located at Module D for lack of capacity. 
T1 has 5 self-contained 'sub-terminal' modules A - E:  Modules A , B, C & D are on Levels 3,4,5 & handle both departure & arrival facilities; Module E is on Level 4, handling Arrivals only.  Modules A to D include landside drive-by lanes and parking.  T1 has boarding gates H1-H58 and G1-G58 & G61-G84.
Check-in for some T1 departure flights are in Central Area Z ('Zentralbereich'). Flights requiring increased security are processed in Hall F, which is near Terminal 2. 

Terminal 2 serves as hub terminal for Lufthansa and Star Alliance members. Its facilities are arranged around the central Plaza at levels 3, 4 & 5 - with access on levels 3 & 4 to Piers North & South on opposite ends.  The departure levels include levels 03 (bus gates), level 04 ('G' Schengen gates) & level 05 ('H' non-Schengen gates). After security control is the gate area:
The Gate area has A through D
gates A1-A34, B1-B17, C1-C10 & D1-D23 - is divided into Piers North & South (at opposite ends), and houses in the center the gates entered through the Plaza:  Pier North uses levels 3, 4 & 5; Pier South levels 3 & 5. 
For incoming passengers, whose flight is late, Ramp or Gate Direct Service (RDS /GDS) picks them up by bus at their air carrier, along with their bags, and brings them directly to the connecting flight (if customs/passport control are needed, passengers will pass special ramp-side checkpoint.
Level 3 of T2: The Plaza houses a train ticket counter, baggage carousels, check-in and bulky luggage, children's corner, information, transfer point bank & cash point, and Lufthansa baggage tracing.  Pier North & South offer access to bus gates.
Level 4 of T2:  The Plaza houses the 'G' Schengen gates and  Lufthansa's Business, First Class & Senator Lounges; its first-class check-in, its service center and ticket counters, curbside/driveup check-in and Lufthansa's support services.
Level 5 of T2: The Plaza houses 'H' non-Schengen gates and offers access to parking facilities, has a cash point, a chapel, customs (departures), information counter & checkpoint. Lufthansa services include a service center, support services, Business /Senator /First-Class lounges.  At Gates H31-34 is a free  'Recreation Area' with reclining chairs and separate work stations.

(A new T-2 'Satellite Pier' currently under construction - located in the center of the airport apron, is to be fully operational by 2015.)

The Munich Airport Center, or MAC, connects both T1 & T2, and is for shopping, business & recreation. The older Central Area has an underground shopping mall and the S-Bahn station.  The MAC Forum is a large outdoor area with a tent-like & partly transparent roof, and adjacent to it is the airport hotel. It houses on level 3 an Information desk, cash point, children's corner & Kinderland, Rail & bus ticket counters, Lost & Found, meeting point, Post Office.  Level 4 of the Central Area houses medical center, travel market & a chapel, and offers access to the Transrapid and to Terminal 2.
Its Level 3 also offers access to: bus stop & taxi stand, rental car center, check-in, Parking P10 & P9, and Terminal 1's  Modules C,D,E (left) and Modules A,B,F (right),  and to Terminal 2 - Modules G,H.

Arriving & Connecting Passengers:  
Transfer passengers find Munich Airport to be one of the most efficient terminals in the world, with a minimum connecting time of 35 minutes. The following services are provided to arriving and connecting passengers: 
- Guidance through baggage claim areas and to departure gates.
- Directing passengers arriving from non-Schengen countries to passport control.
- Directing passengers arriving from non-member EU countries to security screening.
- Excellent immigration service;
- 'Napcabs' mini hotel room in the transit area of T2.

Amenities and Services offered in both terminals include -aside from a large number of food & drink and retail concessions - WiFi access, business center, banking and currency exchange, digital world, a cloak room, entertainment, finance & law; health-related services; hotels, information counters, lost & found, lounges, meet & assist service; meeting & conference rooms, rental car counters, Service Centers, individual terminal services, tourist information booths, a law office, VIP services, and Medical services (specialty doctors, dentists, Radiological Diagnostics Center & pharmacies).  Left Baggage tel. +49 89 975-21375; Lockers tel. +49 89 975-52530; Conference Center tel. +49 89 975-93200.

Airline & Airport Lounges at Munich Airport: Note that all lounges are at post-security areas. 
    At Terminal 1: 
Air France KLM Lounge - tel:  +49 (0) 89-975 91118 (Module D, level 5);
British Airways Galleries Lounge - email: (Module B, level 5);
Emirates lounges - visit (level 5, Module C ;
Atlantic Lounge - tel. +49 89 975-2 13 29 (level 3, Departures C)
Europe Lounge  - tel. +49 89 975-2 13 23 (behind security check, level 5, Module D) for the following airlines: AB, SU, WW, CY, D9, FI, FV, S7, RO, UT, EI, MK, V3, DL, EY, WY, RJ, S4, & U6.
    At Terminal 2:
Lufhansa Senator & Business lounges for EU on level 4 - contact member airline or visit  Senator Lounge access: Star Alliance, LH, CA, C9, EW, QR;   Business Lounge access:  Star Alliance, LH, AC, UA, A3, KM, QI, BD, US, JP, G, QR.
Lufthansa Senator & Business lounges for non-EU on level 5 - contact member airlines or visit  Senator Lounge access: Star Alliance, LH, CA, EW, MS, C9 & QR.   Business Lounge access: Star Alliance, LH, AC, UA, A3, KM, QI, BD, US, JP, LG, QR.
Lufthansa Senator Cafe at level 4 - accessible to Star Alliance LH, LH Regional, KM, QI, JP & LG

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