Nantes Atlantique (NTE) Airport

Nantes Atlantique NTE Airport Overview

Nantes Atlantique Airport NTE, currently the largest airport in Western France, serves the country's Lower Atlantic region and is gateway to the famous Pays-de-la-Loire region and seaside resorts La Baule and Pornic.  While a new Airport in a rural area was to replace the current one - repeated opposition from the public have so far prevented its construction.
The city of Nantes is located in the Loire Valley, noted for its Dukes of Brittany Castle, wineries, and nearby seaside resorts La Baule & Pornic.

NTE Airport is located in Bouguenais, 8 km southwest of the city of Nantes, accessible by the Nantes Ring Road (at Grand Lieu Gate) which connects to D723 & A83, as well as to N1665, N137, AA11 & N249. T

With a long runway, and yearly about 3.7M passengers, domestic and foreign airlines serve the airport with direct flights throughout Europe, with connections around the world. Seasonal charter flights are available to popular vacation destinations.

Nantes Airport has one passenger terminal.

Parking options include Parking Garage P0, & Lots P2, P3 East & P4)  for short- and long-term parking, without time limit.

Future Airport Developments: Since the current Airport cannot be extended due to its close proximity to the city, construction of a new airport  "Aeroport du Grand Ouest" (30 km northwest of Nantes, in Notre-Dame-des Landes, a small village) is to be built.  However, in February 2014 "tens of thousands of people" with 520 tractors, protested in Nantes against plans to build the new Airport.  Should the new Airport be indeed completed, it would not happen before 2019/20.

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