Sapporo New Chitose CTS Airport Terminal Map Overview

Main Terminal / Concourses at Sapporo New Chitose CTS Airport

The passenger terminal complex at New Chitose Airport consists of a four-level main terminal, divided into Domestic & International 'terminal' sections - both of which are connected via skyway at their levels 1, 2 & 3 .   Parking areas A & B are across from the terminal complex. The JR New Chitose Airport Station (tel. +81(0)123-45-7001) in on level B1 of the Main terminal.

Departure gates for all flights are divided in to three areas: the center is for Japan Airlines using B gates; to the left are gates N & A gates for ANA, ADO, APJ & JJP & WAJ; to the right are gates C & D for JAL, SKY & FDA.
Terminal Service hours: Domestic terminal 6:20am-11pm; International terminal 7:00am-10:30pm; Connecting Path: daily 6:20am-11pm - however, flight delays or changes in flight schedule may shorten or lengthen stated times.. 
Flight information monitors with large floor maps are on levels 1F – 4F.
WiFi internet hotspot access is available from various providers and locations. 

NOTE: Some visitors at New Chitose Airport compare it to be 'like a theme park' with an abundance of food, drink, shops & entertainment.  Note also that the domestic terminall offers a unique & exhaustive variety of food, including fresh crab and is well worth the short walk from the international terminal, if time allows.

The Domestic Passenger Terminal Side  is laid out in a semi-circle, with the gates surrounding main terminal in the center and linked by connecting moving walkways A & B on either side.  The gateway center is for airlines ANA, ADO/APJ, WA; to the right is AL and separate JAL/ SY/ FDA;  to the left is JJP.
Level B1 is the Basement level which houses the JR Train Station and 2 kiosks & a café.
Level 1 is the Arrivals level with its arrivals lobby  Information counter (tel. 0123 23-0111), baggage claim, and various amenities.
Level 2 is the Departures level with its departure lobby offers: multilingual touch panel, Information counter, ticket vending machines for Keikyu Line, Tokyo Monorail & Keikyu Express; various other amenities & services, and in the connecting path a special assistance vehicle.  'Shopping World' leads to domestic departure Boarding areas (from right to left) D, C, B, A & N - Japan JAL  is directly in the center of the bow-shaped boarding areas:
Boarding area D has gates 15 -19, 198 and connecting Bridge B;
Boarding area C has gates 11 - 14, 148   - Boarding areas D & C are served by JAL,, SKY & FDA airlines;
Boarding area B has gates 7 - 10; 
Boarding area A has gates 1 - 7, 38, and connecting Bridge A.  Boarding areas B & A are served by ANA, ADO, APJ & WAJ airlines.
Boarding area N has gates 0 - 1B. and is served by Jetstar JJP.
Level 3 houses 'Gourmet World'  and has access to the obervation space; it offers a number of amenities. In the Connecting Path between Domestic & International teminals is 'Smile Road with Waku Waku Sky Park and Steiff Nature World.
Level 4 houses the Oasis Park with  Sky Lounge theater, hot-water pool, Information Area, Kids Park, and acess to Observation Deck.
Information desks services include info on terminal, airline departure/arrivals, transportation, tourit info & wheelchair rentals & also provide these services.
Level 1: Hokkaido hotel reservations & sightseing taxi agent -  in front of ANA, JAL A & JAL B;
Level 2: Overseas & domestic travel insurance & stroller rentals - at Center Plaza

The new International Passenger Terminal Side has three levels:
Level 1 is the Curbside Lobby level with Transportation Information counters;
Level 2 is the Arrivals level with Immigration & Customs facilities, & baggage claim;  ATM & foreign exchange;  information counter, international tour desks A; dressing room; nursery; powder room; and at the connecing path a nursery & multilingual touch panel;
Level 3 is the Departures level  and houses the Departures Lounge, with access to duty-free shops, security checkpoint and the five departures gates 63 - 68 reached via elevator.
Level 4 houses the Food Court Wing.houses a Hot Spring Spa, gift shop, theater, internet terminal corner, and access to Observation Deck.
Information desks services include terminal info, departure & arrivals times, access & wheelchair rentals:
Level 1: Curbside Lobby:  access info, rental car reception, bus ticket sales for certain routes.
Level 2:  Arrivals Lobby: stroller rentals, hotel reservations; sightseeing taxis agent.
Level 3:  Departures Lobby:  stroller rentals,  overseas travel insurance

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