Banking / ATM Services at Newark Liberty EWR Airport

ATM cash machines are available in all terminals, at their Arrivals & Departures levels and the Gate level.

Currency Exchange at Newark Liberty EWR Airport

Currency exchange at Newark Liberty Airport is available at all three terminals by Travelex :

Terminal A:  Travelex (tel. 973-961-4293) between gates A20-28 and A30-39
Terminal B:  Travelex (tel. 973-242-1528) Near AirTrain entrance; at International Arrivals door 9;  and an ATM for at B-1 Satellite, gates B46, B56.  A 'Currency' both is at B3 satellite (gates 60-68) & at Customs baggage area.
Terminal C:  Travelex (tel. 973-273-0270)  at gate 120 next to DutyFree; at gate 90; an ATM at gate 132;  an ATM at airside corridor across from President's Club;  and next to Starbucks on arrivals level.

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