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  • Connecting flight
    Aug 3, 2015
    Hi I'm getting a flight from Manchester to Newark and then Newark to Kansas (with United for both flights) I have 2 hours 45 minutes will that be enough time to get to my gate and what to I do when I arrive at Newark. It is my first time flying alone and I am very nervous.


  • shuttle bus between terminal A and C
    Jul 30, 2015
    Arriving on UA into Terminal A from Canada. Need to connect to Flight to SAN in Terminal B. Can I take the United shuttle and where do I locate it?


    The United shuttle operates from a different concourse than Air Canada uses. You'll probably have to take the AirTrain. Also, what airline are you flying to SAN?


    Did not make my question clear. I am flying into EWR Terminal A on United Airlines from Halifax and connecting to a United Airlines flight out of Terminal C. Can I take the United Airline shuttle from A to C? Where do I find it?


    Ah, yes, in that case you can take the shuttle. The location of the shuttle will be fairly obvious and any United employee in A can show you the way to it if you can't find it.


    Thanks so much! Makes life a lot easier for me!


  • Connection from international flight TC to TB
    Jul 29, 2015
    Hi, I am doing a transfer in Newark Airport tomorrow. It is a connection, not two separate flights. I arrive in terminal B, and have to get a flight in terminal C. I am flying from Spain, and I have 1:45 hours to get my next flight. What is the general procedure? Do I have to go through immigration & customs, wait for my bags, then check them in again, pass security again?? Since this is not my final destination, I was hoping I did not have to go through Border & customs until I reach my final destination. Thank you!


    Yes, in Newark you will arrive in Terminal B, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then take the AirTrain to Terminal C, go through security, and to your departure gate. You should have barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.


    Thanks a lot ZAP, I just have one extra question: I phoned United Airlines and they told me everything as you said, except for the security pass at the end. They said that there is no need for it because I am coming from inside the airport. I guess this is a mistake since TB and TC are different, but just want to make sure of this. Thanks again!


    Whoever told you that is incorrect. Everyone has to go through security after clearing customs and connecting to another flight, even people who arrive in Terminal C.


  • layover
    Jul 29, 2015
    Is 2 hours enough time to clear immigration and catch connecting flight to orlando in october. both flights with united. Unsure if its the same terminal. flying from edinburgh


    You will likely arrive in Terminal B, go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then take the AirTrain to Terminal C, go through security, and to your departure gate. You should have barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.


  • Checking bags after customs at Newark
    Jul 23, 2015
    We are arriving in EWR Terminal B on a foreign carrier and then transferring to United for domestic. Two separate reservations. After customs, do I take my bags on Air train to Terminal C or can I check bags in at a desk right after customs?


    Since you are on two separate reservations you will have to take your bags to Terminal C to re-check with United and pay a checked bag fee.Budget at least 2.5 or 3 hours for your transfer.


    Thanks. Transfer time is 2:55 at around 6a.m.


  • Security check from Terminal C to Terminal B?
    Jul 22, 2015
    Please help! I'm arriving at Terminal C (United flight from RaleighDurham) and have 1h40m before my SAS flight to Copenhagen leaves at Terminal B. The Gate Connection Wizard says it's 2-5 mintues trip on air-train but also says "Through Security? YES". I'm sure the international SAS flight will start boarding 1 hour before departure so I'm stressed about going through security at EWR.


    You should be OK, just because they start boarding an hour before (in reality more like 45 minutes before) doesn't mean you absolutely have to be there then. Also, I think you WILL be there an hour before departure.


  • One Hour to Get from Domestic to International Terminal
    Jul 21, 2015
    Flying DCA-EWR and have to connect with a flight EWR to BCN, both on United. I have a 1 hour connection time (DCA plane lands at EWR at 6:15, and EWR-BCN plane takes off at 7:1). There will be some baggage checked, and some small carry on. Assuming the flight is on time, will I have time to get to the connecting flight, which I assume will be in a different terminal, as it is international, on time?


    EWR doesn't have an "International" and "Domestic" terminal, it has 3 terminals, two of which handle international flights and all 3 of which handle domestic flights. You will arrive in Terminal A, where most United Express flights arrive and depart from Terminal C, where all United mainline flights depart. United has a shuttle bus that runs inside security between their gates in A and C. You have enough time if your first flight is on-time.


    Thanks so much. Do you know how often the shuttle runs? I think, according to the map, it is around gate 28 in terminal A.


    It runs pretty frequently.


    Thanks so much! Your help on all of this is much appreciated.


  • Returning to US thru EWR
    Jul 21, 2015
    Hello my flight was CDG to EWR to TPA..I didn't do my home work and was surprised I had to go through security again...Is that the norm? I think when going through ATL last year I was able to stay Airside..can you tell me if JFK requires another security check?


    Yes, every passenger entering the US and going through customs has to go through security afterwards if connecting to another flight. You are mistaken about ATL. Maybe you forget because at ATL everything is contained within the International arrivals area.


  • transfer from Terminal A to Terminal B
    Jul 20, 2015
    Arrive on UN to terminal A and depart on SAS terminal B do I have to claim baggage and go through security at terminal B?


    If both tickets were bought on the same reservation then you will not have to do anything with your baggage. If you take the shuttle bus you will not have to go through security, if you take the AirTrain you will have to go through security.


  • Connecting to Denver
    Jul 20, 2015
    Arriving from Shannon at 11.25 and departing to Denver at 12.12, is this enough connecting time? it appears both arrival and departure are from the C gates


    Yes, that should be enough time if your flight is on-time. you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Shannon.


    Jul 20, 2015
    Arrive EWR Terminal C at 10:56am from St. John's, Canada with connecting flight from Terminal C to MCO at 12:45pm. Both are United flights. Enough time to collect baggage, go through Customs, re-check baggage and board the MCO flight?


    Yes, that should be enough time if your flight from St. John's is on-time.


  • Connecting to Costa Rica
    Jul 17, 2015
    I'm not US citizen. I'm going from Barcelona (Spain) to San José (Costa Rica) taking a connecting in Newark. I arrive to Terminal B (13:50) in a Lufthansa flight and I depart from Terminal C (17:55) in a United flight. Will I need to pick up my checked baggage and come through security again? Will I need to go through some form of passport control? Is this enough time between flights? Thanks


    Both flights will be operated by United. Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then take the AirTrain to Terminal C if you do not arrive there, then go through security. 4 hours is plenty of time.


  • Short Connecting Flight Worries!
    Jul 17, 2015
    Hi! I am arriving for my connecting flight at 6:46 PM and my next flight departs at 7:40 PM. I don't have any checked baggage, just carry ons. I don't know the terminals yet, but I am really worried that I won't have enough time to get to my connecting flight in time with such a short period of time. I'm 14 and flying by myself. Is that enough time? ANd if not, what will happen? thank you!


    Both flights are United, by the way!! I'm coming from Vermont and stopping in Newark and going to LA!


    You will arrive in Terminal A and depart from Terminal C. United has a shuttle bus between the two terminals that runs inside security. You have enough time if your first flight is on-time. If you miss your connection you will be put on the next flight to Los Angeles. There are two more later flights that evening.


  • Connecting flight in 1.01 XNA-EWR-MAD
    Jul 16, 2015
    Hi, I am flying United from XNA to EWR and have a connecting flight to MAD In 1 hour and 1 min. I have 1 luggage and a carry on. Will I have to pick up and recheck in EWR and will I run short on the time? What's the better option to going to Terminal A to C? Train or bus? Thank you!!


    No, you do not have to pick up your bags in Newark if both flights are on United. There is no US Customs when leaving the US. I would take the bus since it runs inside security.


    Exactly, both flights are operated by United. Thank you very very much for your information. I appreciate it!!


  • Flight worries!!!!
    Jul 15, 2015
    Hi, I'm travelling Newark to Chicago from Birmingham UK.. I have a stop in Newark before Chicago departure & it is 1hr 35 mins.. will I have enough time to check in & bags etc? I'm determined I will miss my flight! v worried!! Thanks.


    That should be barely enough time. If you do miss your flight because of a delay United has hourly flights from Newark to Chicago.


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