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I fly with united from Hong Kong to buenos aires via newark.
The flights are on one ticket.
I have 8 hour layover in newark and I need to change the terminal.
I am Finnish citizen.
Q: do i need ESTA for this stop-over ( changing terminals)
Q: are the check-in baggages transferred automaticly to my Newark - Buenos aires flight?
Q: do i need to clear any security or immigration checks during my transit / changing the terminals?

Thank you for your answers already in advance!
1) Yes, you need ESTA
2 & 3) You will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags. go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then go through security and to your departure gate.
Flying from Louisville (SDF) to Montreal on United Express (REPUBLIC AIRLINES DBA UNITED) to Newark (EWR) with a 43 minute connection and then on United Express (EXPRESSJET AIRLINES DBA UNITED) from Newark (EWR) to Montreal (MUL). Questions (1) Do I clear Canadian customs in Montreal (2) Will both flights be in the same terminal and (3) Is 43 minutes enough - carry-on only.
1) Yes, you will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in Montreal.
2) You will arrive in Terminal A or C and depart from Terminal A. If you need to change terminals United runs a shuttle bus between them inside security.
3) That's barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
We just going to fly from Brusseles to Panama. My wife has Malaysian passport, I have Hungarian. We won"t leave the airport just should have to go from terminal B to terminal C. Just wondering if we would need any kind of Visa or how does it work? We will have 2:20 between the flights. Is that enought to do it?
I forgot both flight are United airlines.
You don't need a Visa, you just have to complete ESTA. Your wife needs a US Transit Visa. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Can she get her transit visa sort out at the airport? Or this is a thing what she should pre-apply? She’s UK resident, or that doesn’t count?
We traveling to Panama via Newark airport and my wife has Malaysian passport. I"m wondering if we need any kind of Visa if we change terminal from B to terminal C. The flight from Brusseles landing at B and the Flight to Panama depart from terminal C.
How does physically challenged person get from TA to TC at Newark airport
Request wheelchair service and they will figure it out.
I have scheduled my interview for my global entry application during a 3.5 hour layover at EWR. I will be arriving in Terminal C at 2:05 PM on Tuesday 10/31 and then departing the same terminal at 5:35 PM. My interview is at 3:00 PM and should only take about 10 minutes. I know I will ahve to exit security and then re-enter. Should I exit security and take the Air Train from Terminal C to Terminal B for the interview? The interview location is at Terminal B baggage claim. Would it be best to take the air train back to Terminal C before re-entering security? Will this be enough time?
Yes, that would be the best path. You should have enough time if the first flight is on-time.
Thanks! I'm going to give it a go.

I will have one checked bag and will be arriving with united (UNited 4095) from YUL. Arriving in Terminal A. I arrive at 7:21PM

my connection to SDF (united3726) in terminal C is at 8:55PM

I have enough time ?

Will I need to claim my bag and clear customs ?

You pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Montreal. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. United runs a shuttle bus inside security between their gates in Terminal A and their gates in Terminal C. You have enough time.
We will arrive from London (LHR) to EWR at 13:10 friday the 13th of Oct. The next plane is to Orlando (MCO) at 15:00. Will that be time enough? Both airlines are United Airlines.
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly.
I arrive on Alaska Airlines in Terminal A. I will meet someone who will arrive an hour later on Delta in baggage claim inTerminal B, after I collect my luggage. What's the best way to connect?
Take the AirTrain to B and then go down to the baggage claim level.
How long does it take for the Air Train to get from Terminal A to Terminal B? (The map looks like it's quite a distance before the train gets from Terminal C back to Terminal A.) Thanks.
I am a united club member and plan on using the club in terminal a before leaving out of terminal B on another airline. How often does the shuttle run from a to b and how long does it take??
That depends what airline you are flying out of Terminal B. What airline?