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landing with EL AL airline at terminal B, connection to Hawaii with United from terminal C. How long is it take and is it eny direction you can give me to make it possible ? ( we have 2.5 hours. Thank's a lot !
You have barely enough time if everything goes smoothly.
Worried there is not enough connection time?? Do you think I can make this connection or should I change it? SFO to EWR 1 HR 11MIN connection to EWR TO PVD on united... airline says possible terminal change..
Looks like it comes in at terminal B level 1 and may depart terminal C Level 2 or 3
That is enough time. All United gates are connected by buses inside security if you do need to change terminals.
Hello arriving from Miami tomorrow Terminal C, with a United Express Connection in Terminal A. The connection time is only 45 mins. What is the fastest , most efficient way to get there, assuming there is time? Can you walk between terminals without re-entering security? Apparently there is a shuttle bus but does it run frequently? thanks
Yes, there is a bus by gate C71 which is the only way to get between A and C inside security. It's the only way this connection is possible.
Thank you ! does the shuttle run frequently do you know? Like every 5 or 10 mins?
Yes, it runs frequently since the vast majority of passengers flying on United Express flights in and out of Terminal A need to use it.
I have a connection of only 50 minutes between UA4819 (Ithaca -> Newark) and UA54 (Newark -> Paris) tomorow. Arrival and departure are at the same terminal C, but I'm afraid with the possible security check to miss my second plane. Will I have to go through the security check for the connection? Is 50min enough if my first flight is not delayed? Thanks in advance for your answers.
There is no security check. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you very much for your quick answer!
I am flying American from Atlanta to Paris with a connection in Newark. Will I have to collect my checked luggage when I get to Newark and go through security again to take my flight to Paris. American arrives in terminal A but international flights leave from terminal B.
Correction...it is a United flight.
All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate, likely both in Terminal C. There is no US Customs when leaving the US.
We are traveling from Norfolk VA to Edinburgh UK via Newark. We only have 40 minutes for our connecting flight and we have to change terminal. Can we check luggage straight through to edinburgh and will we have time to make this connection
Yes, your bags will go straight through to Edinburgh. United runs a shuttle inside security between their gates in Terminal A and C. You have enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Thanks for the reply.
Hi I'm flying in from Barcelona mid June to get to LAX. I have a 2 hour and 15 minute layover in EWR but I have to go through customs. What are the chances I will make my flight? And is there a certain line for people with connecting flights? Thanks in advance.
That should be enough time if both flights are on the same reservation and everything goes smoothly. There is no special line for people with connections.
Trying to arrange pick-up limo from Newark Airport after flying in from Hong Kong. How long will it take to get through customs?
I would ask for it to get there about an hour after your scheduled arrival.
Thank you Zap
Hi, we will fly with SAS from Stockholm to Newark in October, arriving 2.55 pm to terminal B. We have a connecting flight to Orlando with United from terminal C at 4 pm (originally scheduled 5.30 pm but now re-scheduled to 4 pm). Next flight is 7.45 pm. We have been informed that we have been automatically booked on the re-scheduled flight becasuse "transfer time is enough", I have done this transfer several times before and to my best knowledge, it is impossible to carry out immigration in terminal B, transfer to terminal C and new security check in less than one hour. Please advice!
1 hr 5 minutes is NOT enough time. You need to call United or SAS (whoever ticketed the flight to Orlando) and insist on the 7:45 flight or a refund.
I got cheap flights from EWR to Island and now have to book my flight to Dallas.
I'm coming in from Keflavik (KEF) with WOW at 5:30pm (Terminal B), and there is one later flight to DFW with United at 8:59pm. (Terminal C), so I have to go through immigration and then go to the check-in counters from United and check-in my bags again.
I'm traveling with two older children, so I usually can't do any drop-off or curbside check-ins, we have to go to the counter. We are US citizens though. Do I have a reasonable chance to get the 8:59pm flight?
That should be enough time if the WOW flight is on-time.