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My wife is already nervous flying United tomorrow, but now I see she only has 43 minutes from landing at Gate A24A and then her connecting flight leaving from Gage C103Y. Should she be also nervous about even catching her connection?
Yes, that is a difficult connection. United runs a shuttle from their gates in A to C inside security but even with that everything will have to go perfectly for her to make it.
United express into terminal C to Lisbon terminal B. 1:20 between flights. Do I have to go thru security and collect luggage in EWR?
You don't have to do anything with your bags if both flights are on the same reservation. Just take the shuttle bus from Terminal C to the TAP gates in Terminal B.
I am traveling internationally to Boston, but connects in Newark. I found Newark would be closer. Is it possible to purposely miss the last segment and get out from Newark. I will be entering US customs so I assume I will have access to my luggage at Newark. Thanks!
If it is the last segment of your itinerary, yes, you can claim your bags in Newark, rip the tags off and leave the airport after you clear customs.
I have exactly one hour from arrival to TA, G25 to departure TC, G98 I am flying United, is there a fast way to do this?
United runs a shuttle inside security from their gates in Terminal A to Terrminal C. Use that. You have enough time if the first flight is on-time.
how long does it take to get from terminal A to B? Have a tight connection... thanks
What airlines are you flying? Where are you flying from and to? Are both flights on the same reservation?
I am looking to book a flight to Newark, From CLT - then connecting in Newark to Tel Aviv. All the flights are on UA. Do I have to go out of Security when I arrive in Newark from Charlotte NC, and go back through security again to connect to my flight going to Tel Aviv Israel? I won't book the flight if I do. Thanks for the help
No, you do not have to go through normal TSA security in Newark. If you arrive in Terminal C you just walk to your departure gate and if you arrive in Terminal A you can take a shuttle to C inside security. Note that you will have to go through special Israeli security at the gate, but that is true of any flight to Tel Aviv.
Thank you so vey much, that was very very helpful
My flight UA 1707 has been delayed and will now arrive 6:18 Terminal B.

My second flight departs at 7:05 UA960 Terminal C to Frankfurt.

Is this going to be possible? My flights were already rebooked from Delta to United with the delays yesterday in Georgia.
There is a shuttle inside security from the gates in B to Terminal C. So if you do arrive at 6:18 it is still possible.
I am arriving EWR at 18.27 on UA 1631 and depart at 19.10 on UA 27. This seems a very short connection time (United just changed the flight time on UA 1631 so it arrives 20 mins later) both flights are terminal C and UA 27 is international so I guess I have to pass through security and passport control to get tothat flight. Is it feasible?
All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate in Newark. There is no passport control or special security when leaving the US. It is possible if the first flight is on-time.
Thanks for that. Lets hope my incoming flight is on time. It's on the United schedule so I guess it must be possible.
Good evening, I will take the flight AC 549 from EWR to Vancouver YVR, I would like to know which airport will I go through the Canadian custom? In Vancouver, we will go through the US custom in Vancouver Airport YVR. Thank you!
On the way to Vancouver you will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. On the return you will pre-clear through US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver.

I'm fliying from Madrid to Charlotte, with layover in Newark. My ticket says that I need to change terminals, but it doesn't says wich ones. I'm guessing I'll arrive on Terminal B (being an International flight) and I have to transfer to either A or C. My layover is 2h10m. Would it be enough? What's the fastest method for transferring? I'm fliying with united, but the second leg is operated by Republic Airlines.

Yes, that is correct. You will arrive in B, go through US immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then take the AirTrain to your departure terminal (could be A or C) and then go through security and to your departure gate. There's also a small chance you could arrive in C. You have just enough time if everything goes smoothly.